Marula Oil – The Gift of Beauty

One of the steps in my nightly skincare regimen is applying facial oil. I’ve discovered this process a few years ago and believe me, my skin has benefited a lot through the years. When I’m so tired and sleepy, I just wash my face clean, apply an eye cream and the oil. Massage my face for just a few minutes and I’m off to bed. The next day, I still look fresh and radiant!

This holiday season, reward yourself and your loved ones with the perfect gift that can virtually turn back time: Marula by John Paul Selects.

Marula oil by John Paul Selects

Start a New Hobby of Soap Making

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Play Smart, Win Prizes and Have Fun with Online Games

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Herbalife Nutrition Millennials Survey at Work

Herbalife Nutrition At Work Survey Reveals Filipino Millennials Desire Healthy, Active Workplace Environment While the survey conducted reveals that more Filipino millennials are engaging in regular physical activities outside work, they find it difficult to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle in the modern workplace. Herbalife Nutrition, a global nutrition company, has released the findings from…

Robbie Williams Love for Online Games

Robbie Williams is one of the biggest music names ever to come from the UK. As we all know, he was in the award winning band “Take that”, Robbie has been breaking our hearts for the last 26 years. Known worldwide for his many talents, Robbie has won more BRIT Awards than any other artist.

Helix-D: New Beauty Ambassador Linda Ley

Linda Ley is the epitome of contentment, of confidence, exuding an aura of tranquility and quiet strength. The former businesswoman and now full-time homemaker and philanthropist brings lightness to the room and, devoid of any airs, carries with her an infectious joviality that easily rubs off on everyone. Not too long ago, Linda was a…