BIOESSENCE: Caring Beyond Beauty and New Product Line

I’m so proud to share to you a local beauty and wellness company which had been a part of my early discovery about skincare way back in the ’90s.. I was working at that time with another derma clinic in Makati but enjoyed facial services at Bioessence I think that was in their Amorsolo branch. A close friend who’s a relative of the branch owner and worked at Bioessence as a consultant introduced me to their facial services and that’s where I learned also the proper way of basic skincare. Simple yet helped me a lot in my journey to a beautiful skin. So, Thank you, Bioessence!

BIOESSENCE: Caring Beyond Beauty

RTL CBS Brings Prime TV Experience to Eastwood

Entertainment Network Invites Fans and Partners To A Weekend of TV Thrills At Its 2016 Summer Fair Countless city-dwellers return to the metro from their long, sun-drenched vacations, but the fun is nowhere near over. RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network keeps those good times going—trading sea and trees for stage lights and red carpets with…

Hotel Sogo: Reinvents Brand with an Advocacy

I’m not familiar with Hotel Sogo so I was astounded to find their rooms really nice and adheres to their motto of “So Clean, So Good”. The old notion of it being you know a motel is being reinvented as they go family-oriented as well as helping an advocacy through Doctors on Wheels (DOW) Program.