Women Warriors Prevail Over Adversity

Healthy living often seems like an impossible dream for a number of reasons — from having a physical condition to just being too busy with work and family. While these are enough to dissuade many from adopting healthier lifestyles, Natalie Dau and Holleigh Mason of Urban Remedy Asia in Singapore believe that anyone can overcome their limitations to achieve great and better health—even proving it by daring some of the world’s most grueling races.

Natalie Dau, a 45-year-old fitness guru, was once diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and deep vein thrombosis a few years ago. While the former causes joint inflammation, the latter is a life-threatening vein condition in the legs that not only lead to painful leg swelling but also pulmonary embolism or the blockage of arteries in the lungs.

Natalie Dau of Urban Remedy Asia in Singapore

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick Nude Collection

I dig nude lippies lately mainly because I like how polished I look yet soft and muted, you know – the no makeup look. Plus, earthy flat colors are perfect for daytime events and any outfit. Good thing Ever Bilena has a new Matte Nude Collection lipsticks which are so affordable and flattering for every…

CALLE BISTRO: Everscapes Unveils Latest Lifestyle Strip at EVER Commonwealth

Everscapes, a subsidiary group of Ever Gotesco Group of Companies develops Calle Bistro, the latest lifestyle strip in the area that aims to provide the ideal and distinct dining options poised to cater family and friends residing just minutes away from Ever Commonwealth mall. The Groundbreaking ceremony was held last March 17, 2017 headed by…

Ever Bilena: Newest Endorser Loisa Andalio

Ever Bilena was the very first makeup line I was introduced to in high school. Back then, it was the only “sikat” affordable local brand and you can easily buy it in any department stores. Wasn’t that kikay yet, so I only had an eyeliner and a lipstick in my bag. Not really interested in…