Jeunesse Anion: Empowering Women of Today #PositivelyBetter

I’m sure women in every part of the world will be able to relate with this post, hahaha.. Why? Because it’s about Jeunesse Anion sanitary pads and liners plus the sudden mood changes that men obviously don’t wanna deal with every single month. They just get away for 9 months but soon as their wives/partners give birth they are back to their man caves once the period is on again!

But you see, this post isn’t just about the troubles we women go through during our menstrual periods nor what the men have to endure during hell days/week. It’s also about empowering women to get into the habit with practical healthy living upgrades. And as a mid-year treat to all hard working moms, Jeunesse Anion has partnered with Marriott Hotel Manila to freshen up those habits and stay motivated with an hour of Zumba and exciting demo of healthy one-pan meals, courtesy of Simply Cereal, Doña Elena Olive Oils, Clara Ole, and Al Dente Pasta.

Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liners

Pamper Yourself with a Discounted Massage

** This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. Longing to have a massage stress-free day for months now. Been too busy with work and family-life that I’ve simply forgotten to squeeze in a trip to my fave spa salon. Every mom needs some sort of solace from time to time and what best…

VIBER Hits 25M Filipino Users + New DU30 & GaryV. Stickers #ViberNowOpen

Pinoys are using Viber instead of the regular SMS because you don’t have to spend on mobile text messaging. It’s free whenever you have wifi or on cellular data, have tons of super cute stickers and can do free calls too. Recently, Viber celebrated hitting the 25 million mark for Filipino users and continuously growing!…

BONDI&BOURKE Now Open at Burgos Circle Bonifacio Global City

Looking for a new hangout at Bonifacio Global City? A place where you can bond with the family, catch-up with friends or just wanna try new variety of food? I’ve got a new place to introduce, it’s classy yet has a very welcoming, perfect ambient atmosphere, yuppies or millennials and even the Gen X will…