Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Premium HyC 150

Filipina beauty for me is incomparable, we have many exceptional qualities thus ours come from within. Beauty which radiates all throughout, known worldwide and even stands out in a crowd of beautiful women in the universe. So, I believe that we only need to enhance and not so much as to surgically change (unless medically necessary), as we Filipinas are blessed to have that inner and outer beauty which comes naturally.

And to help us achieve that “natural enhancement”, introducing Premium HyC 150!

Premium HyC150 Dietary Supplement

Ipanema Perfect Pair with Gerald Anderson

Ipanema sandals and flip flops are not just for summer but can be used all year round. Here in the South where people are more laid-back, usually dress in cool and comfy outfits such as walking shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. We roam the malls, cafeterias, hospitals, practically everywhere dressed casually as if it’s an…

Maxi-Peel Gandang Career Movement

Do you have a blossoming or high-profile career but lacks the drive when it comes to “beautifying” your whole personality? How about setting a goal for personal improvement? You know that beauty and a great proper personality comes from within, thus it is an integral part of becoming more successful in any given career. What…

RTL CBS Brings Prime TV Experience to Eastwood

Entertainment Network Invites Fans and Partners To A Weekend of TV Thrills At Its 2016 Summer Fair Countless city-dwellers return to the metro from their long, sun-drenched vacations, but the fun is nowhere near over. RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network keeps those good times going—trading sea and trees for stage lights and red carpets with…