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As A Millennial Beat Your Shopping Addiction To Deal With Debt

When you buy something just for the sake of it, without any need for it and even go overboard to use your credit card for it, you can say that you are suffering from shopping addiction. There are several reasons to become an addicted and impulsive shopper. One of the most significant is your childhood habits. You may have been very lucky in your childhood to have all the things that you wanted. Be it an expensive mobile phone or your laptop, an expensive watch to a pair of designers shoes, everything was provided to you by your parents just at the mention of it, or even with at times.

Use Of Credit Card
Such continuous provision has made you into an addict not knowing the value or importance of any item. You even use your credit card to get the item which you will not even use often. This is the time when you own things bought with someone else’s money, and for such ‘help, lenders charge interest. Such rate is very high and also very dangerous once it starts to show its effect. It may not be possible to keep track of all the expenses made on your multiple cards and make the payments within the interest-free period, and hence debt starts to build up. You start to take desperate measures, borrow more money at higher interest, & take consolidated loans to pay off your debt.

Hotel Sogo: Reinvents Brand with an Advocacy

I’m not familiar with Hotel Sogo so I was astounded to find their rooms really nice and adheres to their motto of “So Clean, So Good”. The old notion of it being you know a motel is being reinvented as they go family-oriented as well as helping an advocacy through Doctors on Wheels (DOW) Program.

Megaworld Partners with Lamudi Philippines

Property giant aims to further strengthen online presence for the millennials As the Philippines’ Internet landscape continues to grow, along with it is the way that brands and consumers do business. For the real estate industry, easy and real-time viewing of the property is the fast-emerging trend.