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How to Keep a Realistic Perspective While Working Towards a Music Career

If you ask someone to name some of the most exciting sectors they can think of, there’s a good chance the music business will be mentioned at some point. People watch the Grammy Awards, stream their favorite tracks, and read articles about beloved musicians. Many of them are so compelled by that input that they start dreaming about what it’d be like to actually work in the music industry and have direct impacts on the people who perform for a living.

Before you think seriously about that kind of career, it’s essential to have a realistic mindset about what to expect. If you can’t do that, disappointment is inevitable. There are several principles and tips that’ll ensure you’re well prepared for what the music industry actually offers the people who work in it.

How to Keep a Realistic Perspective While Working Towards a Music Career

RTL CBS Entertainment Climbs To No. 3!

I discovered RTL CBS Entertainment because of the series Charmed, which I’ve already watched several of their reruns. It’s become one of my fave cable channels since then. You’ll get a mix of drama, comedy, sci-fi etc. Now that the station climbed to the number three spot based on the latest data released by Nielsen…

TV5 to Air Exclusive Coverage of the 65th Miss Universe Swimsuit and Evening Gown Competition

As the pageant fever continues to rise in the Philippines, only one television network gives everyone access to the preliminary show of the universe’s most beautiful competition. Kapatid network, TV5, invites everyone to catch its exclusive airing of the swimsuit and long gown rounds of the 65th Miss Universe competition. Happening at the SM Moa…

The Billion Pound Lifestyle: Bingo!

With the of a blend of innovation and big names, more individuals are currently anteing-up and listening for the call of the balls on the web. In fact, with Hollywood stars like Verne Troyer collaborating with bgo Bingo, the game has truly turned out to be in vogue.

Sony Fair Showcases Flagship Products #SonyPhilippines

Last December 9th was my husband’s birthday and also the start of the first-ever Sony Fair. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend the event because I’m a Sony fan since the 90s. Some friends know that I used to work for the company and so damn proud to be part of an unusual, wacky…

Robbie Williams Love for Online Games

Robbie Williams is one of the biggest music names ever to come from the UK. As we all know, he was in the award winning band “Take that”, Robbie has been breaking our hearts for the last 26 years. Known worldwide for his many talents, Robbie has won more BRIT Awards than any other artist.

StarWorld: New Shows, New Initiatives

StarWorld means glitz and glamour shows, top-rated dramas, amusing comedy and reality tv shows that you wouldn’t want to miss. And now that they’ve added their newest wedding show She Said Yes! and the 11th season of The Voice, I’m pretty sure there’s no changing channels for you now.