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Robbie Williams Love for Online Games

Robbie Williams is one of the biggest music names ever to come from the UK. As we all know, he was in the award winning band “Take that”, Robbie has been breaking our hearts for the last 26 years. Known worldwide for his many talents, Robbie has won more BRIT Awards than any other artist.… Continue Reading

StarWorld: New Shows, New Initiatives

StarWorld means glitz and glamour shows, top-rated dramas, amusing comedy and reality tv shows that you wouldn’t want to miss. And now that they’ve added their newest wedding show She Said Yes! and the 11th season of The Voice, I’m pretty sure there’s no changing channels for you now. Share it please!0Hits: 304 Continue Reading

StarWorld: She Said Yes! Best Celebrity Weddings in the Philippines 2015

I love going to weddings or watch them on the tube! It brings back that happy feeling, memories from the time I said yes, the preparations and the main event. Happiness especially of the bride which can’t be contained. I also love to watch celebrity weddings and now that She Said Yes! premiered this September… Continue Reading

The Voice Season 11: New Female Coaches!

The Voice Season 11 is just around the corner and it’s a much-awaited singing reality competition because….. Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus will be the new female coaches! I’m excited, are you? Singing a new tune as it returns exclusively to StarWorld this September 20, The Voice will be featuring two new judges for its… Continue Reading

VIBER Hits 25M Filipino Users + New DU30 & GaryV. Stickers #ViberNowOpen

Pinoys are using Viber instead of the regular SMS because you don’t have to spend on mobile text messaging. It’s free whenever you have wifi or on cellular data, have tons of super cute stickers and can do free calls too. Recently, Viber celebrated hitting the 25 million mark for Filipino users and continuously growing!… Continue Reading

RTL CBS Brings Prime TV Experience to Eastwood

Entertainment Network Invites Fans and Partners To A Weekend of TV Thrills At Its 2016 Summer Fair Countless city-dwellers return to the metro from their long, sun-drenched vacations, but the fun is nowhere near over. RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network keeps those good times going—trading sea and trees for stage lights and red carpets with… Continue Reading

Relax, Take a Break and Play a Game!

Being a mom is blissful, but may be the trickiest and hardest job ever. Having a kid running around the house every time, changes our perspective towards life, most importantly our priorities change! From working to cooking to staying awake late night, our own space at some point gets rattled. In situations like these, one… Continue Reading