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Essence of Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is an important occasion celebrated by many all around the world, although not everyone believes about it. Some religions do not celebrate such occasion even if everyone around them enjoys the atmosphere of the Christmas spirit. Whatever we stand for, it is always good to remember why Christ came to Earth for all of us.

I’m really excited coz Christmas is fast approaching. This is the time when we are all gathered together; my family and relatives, to share God’s blessings on Christmas Eve or what we call “Noche Buena”.

nutcracker ballet Christmas ornaments

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Extra Income for the Holidays

Now that Christmas season is upon us, I’m sure a lot of mothers, those who have full time day jobs and those who stay at home to care for the kids, are in the look out for prospective income generating activities. Searching not only to help augment the family income, but also to have something… Continue Reading

Black Friday Musings

Warning! This post might turn into a bit of a rant,lol. I just feel that it is so unfair that only people in America get to take advantage of the left and right deals they can avail during Black Friday. Not familiar with Black Friday? Good for you, coz that might just save you from… Continue Reading

Online Store Coming Soon!

I’m so excited because things are falling into place. In a few days *crossing fingers* the online store I promised will be live and ready to take your orders, hehehe. I just hope that I can get all the other products in time for the opening. But if not, hope you won’t be disappointed with… Continue Reading

New Samut-Sari Theme

At last, I have a new theme! Many thanks to sis Kharlota of for patiently designing this,lol.. She’s so quiet while doing this theme that I was literally shocked when she showed me the design,lol.. Thanks again sis 🙂 For those of you who haven’t seen this blog in the blogosphere yet, this was… Continue Reading

Welcome To

Please welcome my newest blog to the blogosphere! I wanted to buy this domain for a long time and at last it became mine just last September. I bought it for only $5.99 at NameCheap using a discount code. Originally I’m waiting for “samut” to expire but I think the owner will renew the… Continue Reading