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DiverCHIty Run: Chinoy TV’s 8th Year Anniversary Campaign

Having been raised in a diverse country, Chinoys are resilient to disruption and are not afraid to go out of their comfort zones on their quest for excellence. They do not just conform to simply being movers or doers but instead as prominent figures in the community.

Given these, the campaign DiverCHIty is launched for all proud Chinoys in line with Chinoy TV’s 8th year anniversary acting as a pillar in the Chinese-Filipino community. The campaign aims to gather individuals/groups who share the same cause of promoting diversity, individuality, and unity amongst the Chinese-Filipino Community.

DiverCHIty 3k route map
DiverCHIty 3k route map
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Top Mistakes That ATV Beginners Make

Many people think that just because they know how to drive a car that they can easily just jump on an ATV and take it for a spin. However, it is not anywhere near the same. While the four wheels make it easier to manage and less likely to crash than two wheels, there is… Continue Reading

Under Armour: Women Power in Pink

Breast cancer has been running the top spot of women diseases worldwide. That is why people especially women – diagnosed, affected or not are continuously spreading awareness about the killer disease. This year, Triple Pte. Ltd. and the Under Armour brand joined forces with those who use sports, fitness and has an active lifestyle in… Continue Reading

Another Gen-S Story: Honda Launches the All New Honda RS150

Motorbike enthusiasts will rejoice at the launch of this All New Honda RS150! It’s powerful engine, fantastic innovative design and choice of color is a great new addition to Honda’s ever growing line up of lifestyle and sports power bikes. The world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer has recently introduced another exciting motorcycle one after the other… Continue Reading