Creating Style on a Budget

Red Carpet season is just around the corner and I’m sure a lot of us are excited and curious as to what famous Hollywood stars will wear on the big night.

Some say getting red carpet glam is hard on a tight budget. But it actually can be quite simple if you know exactly how to stretch your clothing collection dollars.

Red Carpet

It’s trendy to try to get a good deal and the savviest shoppers take pride in paying next to nothing for their fashion finds. Whether you’re getting ready for a wedding or high school prom, or just want to freshen your wardrobe, here are a few tips to help you create your very own style on a budget.

  • Give online auctions a try. Creating your personal style is easier with unique stuff like those being auctioned online. You’ll come across many hard-to-find items at hard-to-beat prices.
  • Plan ahead. Keep an eye on sales racks for traditionally expensive goods like cashmere or in-vogue swimwear. Go shopping for winter items in April and summer products in September. End-of-season sales yield great buys on pieces you’ll wear for many years.
  • Combination. Mix high-end pieces with inexpensive items. Cheap and steep easily go together to help create a unique, personalized style.
  • Accessorize. This is the single most important part of completing your unique style. A striking handbag, stunning brooch or dazzling shoe can dial up any outfit. And these extra touches don’t have to cost a great deal.

Keeping these tips into account will help you get the maximum style from top to bottom – without maxing out your bank cards. Otherwise, you may go crazy with the bills and take the heat out on your carpet with the carpet cutters lol..

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