Kourtney Kardashian Post Pregnancy Workout

These Kardashians are uber sexy and beautiful that they need to keep in shape so they won’t lose their celebrity status. Well, yeah they are popular primary because of their looks, but would you be looking at an obese Kim Kardashian if ever she neglects exercising? Well, I guess not..

Kourtney Kardashian Post Pregnancy Workout

So, we all know that Kourtney Kardashian got preggy and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She gained weight of course, and went up to 140 pounds, and mind you, that’s the fattest she got. She was on a very healthy diet and followed several rules, which did a lot of good when it’s time to shed those extra pounds.

What was her daily regimen aside from eating 90% healthy food? W-O-R-K O-U-T!

She did work out routines like hell and combined it with weight lifting and cardio for toning her body. But, that’s only 3 times a week, so imagine how she gained back her pre-pregnancy figure! Heck, I can’t even finish 10 counts using thera band here at home! I’d probably pass out before I can even start her workout routines, lol.

To all those women out there who have weight and flab problems, you see, there is hope but you need to be consistent in your workouts.

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