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MYMP The Unreleased Acoustic Collection

I’ve been a fan of MYMP ever since their album “Soulful Acoustic”. My hubby knows my fave kind of music so he thought it was a great present for me though there wasn’t any occasion,lol. He said I need to change the version of my fave Police song coz I sounded like a broken record singing the same old tune every now and then. Alas! MYMP’s version of “Every Little Thing (He Does is Magic)” proved to be a winner!

I haven’t gotten over that particular album yet and so with the succeeding ones, I simply love all their songs! Now, here come’s another “must see” and “must hear” album – MYMP The Unreleased Acoustic Collection. I just gotta have this!

Good thing I spotted a blogger friend promoting this. And guess what? I’m on the list of bloggers who will cover the launching of this new album! Yey! Isn’t this a dream come true? Would love to meet the band I’ve been hearing so much for so many years now!

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