Beauty Lane and Elgon Brings Hair Master in the Philippines

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Hair care is one of the top priorities on my list every month. Since my crowning glory is turning grey faster than I can imagine (don’t be curious about my age anymore lol) and I’ve been dyeing (DIY only) practically once a month, it’s only proper that I also have treatments more often.

I’m very particular with salons and especially stylists when it comes to my hair. I’ve abused it since high school (my grey hair is hereditary), done rebond once and never again, went all the way with bleached hair to achieve my idea of Marilyn Monroe (5 years ago lol) and now just contented with light/medium blonde…

But I’m itching for a makeover though not so drastic.. hmmm but more inclined to a hint of violet/lavender ombre hahahaha.. anyway, I’m due for this month’s hair treatment and prolly a haircut too, so I’ll try this new salon this time since it’s near my place.

Elgon Philippines

Anyway, back to the main post, Italy’s most sought after master educator in hair and coloring, Alessandro Cavazzini is in the Philippines to conduct a series of training for local hair stylists and colorists, courtesy of Elgon Professional Hair Color.

The Milan-based brand is exclusively distributed in the country by Beauty Lane Philippines, Incorporated, headed by its President and CEO, Dina de Villa-Tobojka.

Through the training, local salon specialists will learn the ever-evolving science and art of hair color, get a deeper insight into the brand, Elgon, and learn how to maximize its products.
“The training will be more on using Elgon products in new ways. It’s something we can pass on to our customers here because stylists are constantly looking for something new,” Tobojka said.
Just recently, Tobojka, along with Beauty Lane Philippines, Inc. General Manager Rebecca Lopez and Jude Hipolito and Rose Velasco of JURO Salon Exclusif, the brand’s Philippine ambassadors had recently undergone the same training under Cavazzini in Milan.

“Whatever we learned, we will show in these demonstrations. Alessandro is here to train our educators, and let them experience what have experienced in Milan. Apart from this, we’re also planning to conduct look-and-learn seminars in Cebu and Davao which will be done by Jude and Rose as Elgon ambassadors,” Lopez said.

Elgon is one of the most preferred brands of hair color solutions in Italy as it is well known for its reputation as leaders and experts of innovation when it comes to hair color. In its 45 years in business, Elgon was able to create products that can serve and treat different needs of various salon owners and goers. It’s a brand that guarantees quality, and is dedicated in putting the health and safety of its customers first, before anything else.

“A testament to their dedication towards health and safety is their Elgon Color Remover, because you can remove color safely, without bleach. Elgon is a brand that is very conscious about health and safety, absolutely, it’s one of the things I absolutely loved about them. It’s just not, sell, sell, sell. It’s selling with a heart. Selling with concern. Selling with a soul. You can see what the company stands for just by looking at the product line. Elgon’s products have characteristics directed to health, safety, and the environment as well, which says a lot about the company.”

To prove its dedication and concern towards its customers, Elgon has a solution for people who want a certain look, but don’t have all day to spend in a salon to achieve it.
“Salons don’t have to turn-down customers who are in a hurry. There are people who come to salons and say, ‘I only have thirty minutes, can you dye my gray hair?’” Lopez said.
“Actually, if you answer a salon asking for that kind of service and tell them you only have ten minutes, the stylists will probably laugh at you. With Elgon’s 10 Minute Color, time won’t be an issue. Not only will you be able to make a hurrying customer satisfied, but you can also service more customers in less time. This significantly increases your salon’s performance.” Tobojka said.

Now, a product like this has to come at a high price, right? The good news is it doesn’t! It’s actually cheaper compared to the Philippine’s current leading brand of hair color. To many salon owners, Elgon products are competitively priced considering that it is better performing compared to many brands out in the market.

Business wise, all these characteristics in Elgon products can definitely help boost the productivity of salons.

Beauty Lane Philippines, Incorporated, the premier salon and beauty solutions provider in the country, is the exclusive Philippine distributor of Elgon Professional Hair Color. The company is also known for its success in bringing world-renowned brands of salon and beauty products, including Brazilian Blowout, China Glaze, Gigi Wax, and Ardell, to name a few.

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