Cartoon Network and Boomerang Shows this November

Cartoon Network DC Super Hero
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Kids know the Yuletide season is fast approaching but who says you can’t start the excitement and grab your Santa hats and superhero capes early as this month? With everyone confined at home and yearning to be entertained, parents don’t have to worry as their kids can enjoy SUPER cartoons and TV films this November on Cartoon Network and Boomerang.

The Fungies!

Set in the fungal bustling town of Fungietown during prehistoric timse, The Fungies is about the adventures (or should we say misadventures) of Seth who is a science-minded, 10-year-old fungie kid, and fascinated by how the world works and wants to tell Fungietown all about it.

The Fungies

Unfortunately, Seth always gets into trouble – obviously – leading him to hilarious and heartwarming emotional discoveries. Kids will surely adore the Fungies misadventures because of their never-ending curiosity. The Fungies will premiere this November 14, 9:30am only on Cartoon Network with new episodes airing on weekends!

DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year

Wonderwoman, Supergirl, Bumblebee and Batgirl are ready for the annual Hero of The Year Festival! All seems great until Dark Opal steals some of their most prized possessions in order to build the ultimate weapon. Can our heroines step up and stop Dark Opal?

This is the premise of the upcoming superhero TV film premiere of DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year on November 21, Saturday, 11:00am only on Boomerang. There will also be an encore on the same day at 5:00pm.

Cartoon Network DC Super Hero

DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year

School is back in session for the DC Super Hero Girls this November 28, 11:00am. This is where students master their super powers, brain power, and will power to become the super heroes of tomorrow.

When Supergirl crash lands into the cafeteria, it’s evident that she has incredible power, but she has a long way to go before she becomes a superhero. As Supergirl learn to harness her powers, the Junior Detective Club investigates a mysterious rash of security breaches. Could it all be because of reformed Super-Villain and Superhero High Vice-Principal Gorilla Grodd – or something far worse? Your kids won’t want to miss this.


Tune-in for these exciting shows this November on the channel numbers below:

  • Boomerang – Cignal: 76, SkyCable: 42
  • Cartoon Network – Cignal: 74 (SD), 220 (HD), SkyCable: 43 (SD), 178 (HD)

Visits: 102

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3 thoughts on “Cartoon Network and Boomerang Shows this November

  1. Daming mag aabang po dito na kids para makanood po nitong mga bagong palabas na cartoons po. ❤ kahit din po ako nanonood din po ako ng mga ganitong palabas na cartoons kase magaganda po..

  2. Ay mukhang maganda po itong cartoon na ito para sating mga anak at para hindi din sila mabored sa bahay mag hapon

  3. Wow Mas okay po eto mamu Para mas malibang Yun mga kids kahit sa nasa bahay Lang po sila. For sure magiging happy sila lalo na po Yun mga kids at kids at heart na mahilig sa cartoon.☺️

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