CHERRY Smart Pet Feeder Plus: Free From Worry for your Fur Baby

CHERRY Smart Pet Feeder Plus
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CHERRY constantly develops new home appliances under its smart product line as the Internet of Things (IoT) has grown in significance in our daily lives. It allows us to manage several processes, including energy use, home security, and even taking care of our pets. Now that we’re back to having busy days outside and cannot stay at home more often, the CHERRY Smart Pet Feeder Plus can be a useful tool for ensuring that your pet is receiving proper nutrition.

It has a meal scheduler that can be programmed to automatically dispense food at regular times through the Smart Wi-Fi app control feature via the CHERRY IoT Solutions app and supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. However, there is a built-in battery for backup and offline feeding in the event of a power outage.

CHERRY Smart Pet Feeder Plus

A low food warning will tempt you to make sure your fur baby will never go hungry. It has a removable container with a capacity of 4 liters for simple residue cleaning. Additionally, its power cord is chew-proof since, as we all know, safety comes first.

Check on your pet while you’re away using its built-in 3MP camera with a broad 110-degree view and night vision. Make sure your dog doesn’t experience any anxiety. Keep an eye on them through the live stream feature and two-way audio with echo cancellation. Moreover, it contains a voice recorder with which you can play their favorite words to provide them with training and amusement.

Mochi the adorable bully

Be on guard while you are away with the CHERRY Smart Pet Feeder Plus for 5,029. 

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