Manifest Luck and Fortune this Chinese New Year with Maya!

Manifest luck and fortune this Chinese New Year with Maya!
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As we step into the Chinese New Year celebrations ushering in the Year of the Wood Dragon, now is the perfect time to align yourself with positive energies and unlock the doors to prosperity. 

With this season of luck and fortune, let’s explore how Maya, the #1 Digital Bank in the Philippines, can seamlessly weave into your lifestyle, enhancing your financial journey. Manifest abundance as a part of your everyday life with these tips to ensure this new year brings you boundless joy and success:

Fortune favors the savvy. Begin by securing your financial foundations with Maya Savings, offering a high-interest rate of up to 14% p.a. credited daily, just by using Maya for everyday payments. If you have specific money goals, level up your commitment by saving with Maya Time Deposit Plus with interest rates of up to 6% p.a. that will help you grow money effortlessly.

Manifest luck and fortune this Chinese New Year with Maya!

Diversify with ease through timely investments. Leverage the energy of the Wood Dragon by investing wisely. Start your investment journey with as low as P1 in crypto and P50 in Maya Funds, ensuring you plant the seeds for a bountiful financial harvest. You can also venture via Maya Stocks for easy stock trading through the country’s top brokers with real-time cash-in and withdrawal from your wallet to your chosen stockbroker. These investment products empower you to explore new avenues and embrace the exciting future.

Borrow to blossom. Sometimes, a little boost is all you need to flourish. Say yes to the extra budget and borrow up to P30,000 via Maya Credit, no documents are needed! Maya offers quick and easy credit application, allowing you to seize opportunities and turn dreams into reality, fostering an environment of growth and prosperity. 

Manifest luck and fortune this Chinese New Year with Maya 1

Spend, save, invest, and borrow with Maya to unlock UNLI FLIGHTS All Year. Watch your luck multiply with raffle entries to win UNLI flights all year round by using Maya for all your money transactions. Use Maya to spend, save, invest, and borrow funds to enjoy life to the fullest, all while enhancing your financial fortune and chance to win free flights throughout 2024.

Maya, your financial ally in the Year of the Wood Dragon, is committed to guiding you toward financial prosperity. Take charge of your destiny, make every financial decision count, and let Maya be the guardian of your wealth this Chinese New Year!

Maximize your luck now with Maya by visiting and and following @mayaiseverything on FacebookInstagramYouTube, and TikTok.

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