Dressing Up For Yoga Classes

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Does it matter what clothing you wear when practising Yoga? Of course! Yoga exercises are about comfort of the mind and body, so dressing up as comfy as you can is essential. It’s common sense to wear something comfortable while working out.

A Yoga clothing must be able to give you room to maneuver because of the different moves that it entails such as twisting, stretching and turning. Some wears slacky or baggy pants which makes moving smooth and comfy. Though those stretch or elastic ones are also practical in doing exercises. If you feel that you perspire a lot during classes, then this is one of the major considerations in picking your attire coz there are materials that would make matters worse.

Yoga Clothing Yoga Clothing

When looking for Yoga Clothing, here are some of the things you must consider:

  • Vacation clothes – haven’t you noticed that what you pack for a vacation are all comfortable, a bit loose, short and light. These are all suitable for doing yoga. Shorts and light tops are apt but if you prefer leotards or a swimming costume then that is fine along with tights or leggings.
  • Don’t choose those uber stiff and tight fitting because this can hamper some yoga poses and moves. You simply won’t be able to concentrate at all coz you will always worry of accidental tear or ripping plus since you can’t do “the moves”.
  • If you are going to workout in an air conditioned room but will not be a strenuous one, try those elbow length or long sleeved tops coz you need to wrap up a bit so you won’t freeze.
  • During the cooler months, a track or jogging suit is best to be worn
  • There are many types of Yoga exercises. If you are into the Bikram Yoga which is a “hot yoga” routine, then shorts and light tops would be the most appropriate.

The above is just a guide but it all boils down to what you really want and comfortable to wear. The objective here is to give you some ideas on what to wisely wear on your routines.

You can add a dash of colour on your outfits for the day, wear wristbands or even flashy headbands, bandana is definitely useful in locking your hair in place as well as the sweat.. Bring your own yoga bolster as a much needed accessory. Dress up and I bet you will have lots of fun!

Take time to enhance the dish so as to speak with added dressy bits and bobs. Colour can be added by wearing multi coloured wrist or headbands, even a bandana if preferred can spruce up any yoga clothing. How good is this Yoga lark where you dress down to dress up?

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2 thoughts on “Dressing Up For Yoga Classes

  1. I usually just wear stretch pants (like the one in the above photo) and a T-shirt (over a sports bra) to do yoga or to workout period.

  2. Although it is nice to have a good-looking yoga outfit, some can be so expensive! I think the most important thing is to actually do the yoga!

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