Fashionable Clothes for Men

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Men these days are as vain as women. I’m sure most women will agree with me when I say that. I have countless guy friends who think that how they dress matters a lot. I have many acquaintances from the opposite sex that more often than not, value how they dress themselves in the public for fear of being scrutinized by female counterparts.


True that each and every one of us must dress as presentable as we can especially when going to formal occasions, multinational company meetings even just going to work. It’s really not a question of who has money to spend to buy signature clothes but somehow, with the rise of online stores and discount shops, those who are on the budget can still dress themselves nicely and fashionable.

Many men love to shop clothes thus have their own choices of wardrobes. Nowadays, it’s not rare to see a house with a man’s separate wardrobe. Yeah, really. My own husband has one and believe me, he has more collections than what you can find in my closet. He’s more into formal attires as he works in a hotel.

He loves formal jackets so much, I think he has about 10 or so. Why does he fancy them? Where does he buy them?


A well-made and tastefully-styled leather jacket can be an essential part of a man’s wardrobe, seeing day to day, casual use as well as serving as an appropriate finishing accent for dressy affairs. It may be challenging to find the right leather jacket from local retailers that is unique in its appearance, fits well, and that is not out of budget. For this reason, it makes sense to peruse online merchant sites to find distinctive leather goods and apparel that is unlike what everyone else in the neighborhood is wearing.


A well-tailored flight jacket or men’s leather blazer are ideal pieces that will not go out of fashion and that can be accented to suit a wide range of occasions and wear. Colors such as black and brown are the most likely to seamlessly integrate into existing ensembles, though some may choose to augment with colorful leather accessories or patterned goods to accentuate the richness and utility of the leather jacket. Some sites have extraordinary jackets and blazers at affordable prices with availability that brick-and-mortar stores can’t beat; for instance, the mens suede jackets at promise buyers an effortless shopping experience and door-to-door delivery of top-quality jackets that will be complimented and coveted by other leather wearers.

So you see, men can be very vain than us women. Sometimes, they look at themselves in the mirror more often than women, lol.. But be wary though, there are some who’s a woman at heart too 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Fashionable Clothes for Men

  1. My husband and I rarely get dressed up. We live in our Levis. I do think that both men and women should have at least one nice outfit.

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