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It’s been a month since I opened my own online selling site at Samut-Sari Etsy Store and so far it’s not working to my expectations,lol. That’s why I thought of creating another online store via Multiply. I know there are a lot of sellers there and it would be a great promotion for my main store as well.

I’ve known of Multiply’s existence since I started blogging and have seen some friends selling products and earning on the side. But at that time, it was not on my list of priorities yet to create an account in Multiply and sell.


Well, things changed when I went to an event re-launching Multiply and they showcased their features of the Marketplace, The Buyers Protection Program and a lot more. The last time I looked, the online shops where not that appealing, well for me. I got scared once when I tried to buy a branded perfume for fear of being scammed.

Multiply Marketplace

88,000 shops and counting can already be accessed at Multiply. This company is now seen as the biggest online mall to date with thousands of items to choose from ranging from clothes, bags, shoes, make-ups and name it, Multiply has it.

Below are some of the merchants who joined the event and was interviewed on how Multiply has changed their businesses for the better and the effect of the new features in terms of ease in selling and buying.


Well known high sellers were also at the event and showcased some of their products. My friends and I were tempted to try on some make-ups but of course, we need to buy them before using them,lol

Multiply Multiply Multiply Multiply Multiply Multiply

Now, buying at Multiply is a breeze. Shopping cart and 4 payment schemes are available. If you want to buy an item, you can easily do it with a click on the Buy Now button which will then redirect you to another page of a Buyers Guide. There are user-friendly tabs where you can see your shopping cart, read about your protection, the shipping and payment details and your final order status. The payments can now be done via the Multiply interface. Your paying options can be thru BPI, BDO, Paypal and GCash. Plus, since there’s already a built in shopping cart, you can now buy across different merchants and pay it all one time.

I’ve actually browsed some stores and these two are my current fave – One Beverly Shop and Paponei’s Gift Shop. I’ve also checked if they are trusted sellers, one other feature that I now like with Multiply.

You can actually see if you are safe to buy and pay because they’re in the Multiply Trust circle. A buyer will not hesitate on buying their preferred item when they see the logo below. It means that the seller is on the trusted list therefore your transactions are covered under the Buyer Protection Program. This program allows Multiply to refund the payment/s if the items bought are not received by the customers.

Multiply Trust

I’m not yet that familiar with this new interface so I’d be browsing the FAQ page more often. Since my Multiply site is not yet fully “loaded” with photos of products I wanna sell, I guess I should start messing around my site,lol.

Oh if you are selling items offline, you too can join us over at Multiply. The sign-up process is very easy and you won’t have trouble uploading your photos into their new album feature. Unlike before where photos of items you sell look like the regular photo albums, now there’s a feature wherein you can easily put decriptions, prices, shipping and handling and lots more. You’ll have your own stockroom where you can see if some stocks have been depleted, bought or how many left. This new feature is way too cool to ignore. Having an online store has never been easier with Multiply!

P.S. Don’t forget to visit my new site –  SamutSari Online Store

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