Asus Incredible Workshop Series

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The Asus Incredible Workshop Series has been concluded! I honestly enjoyed the 2 workshops I’ve attended, the “Fashion” and “Future” series and learned a lot too! The third leg was the “Fun” part though it was intended for videographers and editors.

Headed by Mr. Antoneil Harvey Factora, the main PR man and Mr. Alvin Estacio, Technical PR at ASUS Philippines, the 3-part series were a success, the brand continuously reaping popularity and their products widely applauded for their awesome specs and more affordable price range.

Asus Incredible Workshop Series Antoneil Harvey Factora

First workshop was all about “FASHION” and Victor Basa, the speaker for this leg shared to us his incredible story being a lifestyle blogger, model, actor and a television host.

Asus Incredible Workshop Fashion with Victor Basa

For a lifestyle blogger like me, what he shared about his journey to popularity and success were truly helpful. Well, look where he is today!

And right now in all his travels, business meetings and other work related concerns, the ASUS Zenbook is there to help him reach his goals without fail.

ASUS Zenbook Series

In each ASUS Incredible Workshop there is a challenge and for this leg dubbed as the #‎IncredibleStyleChallenge. Those who participated followed the 3-day challenge of posting their perfect #OOTD looks with the product, from head to toe and a versatile ensemble. Winner will receive an ASUS Zenbook!

The second leg of the ASUS Incredible Workshop was about “FUTURE” and so glad they got RJ Ledesma as speaker. He shared to us how he became an entrepreneur at a young age and how he continuously build his business stemming from various inspirations.

ASUS Incredible Workshop with RJ Ledesma

He uses an ASUS Transformer Flip Book for his work too! And at home, he let his kids play games just by “transforming” it into a tablet. He said it’s his mobile office coz he can effortlessly bring it anywhere and anytime.

ASUS Incredible Workshop with RJ Ledesma using an ASUS Transformer Flip Book

For this particular workshop it was dubbed as the #‎IncredibleFutureChallenge where participants followed a new set of 3-day rules which involved posting their outfit of the day, work day basics and lastly, their work haven.

As mentioned above, the third leg was about “FUN” and the speaker was none other than Mr. Jason Magbanua. I wasn’t there so can’t tell you what transpired but here’s a snapshot of the workshop.

ASUS Incredible Workshop with Jason Magbanua
Photo: Mr. Harvey Factora

I so wanted this ASUS Zenbook or the ASUS Transformer Flip Book so I can finally replace my old, really old lappy.

ASUS Zenbook and Transformer Flip Book

It has served me well for more than 6 years but it’s so heavy to bring along in my travel adventures or client meetings. I didn’t have any major problems with the old laptop thus no headache nor stress especially beating the deadlines. Would you believe that it’s still performing well after all those years?! It will be handed down to my college boy if I can get my hands on either of these cool ASUS laptops.

ASUS Laptop

Thank you to ASUS Philippines for the opportunity to join the workshops and to be able to get a hands-on feel of my future (*wink) mobile office!

To know more about the brand, visit their website at Like and follow their social media pages at Facebook – and Twitter – to get instant updates.

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