Beach Trip Soon? Here are 5 Summer Must-Haves!

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This year’s summer heat is hot off the charts and mostly at 35 degrees Celsius! So, what to do? Embrace the weather and go on a trip to the beach! Bask in the summer sun to get that tan you’ve been yearning for, or swim to your heart’s content! Either way, you will need to bring your summer essentials, so here are 5 things that you must have in your getaway bag:

Smartphone for selfies

Forget everything except your smartphone, haha! Remember, you weren’t there unless you have some photo or selfie shots at the beach! Besides, any trip is one for the vault of memories, so better not leave your smartphone behind. If you’re trying to get off the grid, just keep it handy in case of an emergency.

Summer Must-Haves VIVO V9 Red Velvet

Your smartphone can be your ultimate travel buddy that will document your getaways, help you stay on track with its GPS feature, and more. If you are looking for a new smartphone, consider getting a Vivo V9. The latest flagship of the global smartphone brand is a knockout for taking selfies and photos. It has a 24-megapixel AI selfie camera and a 16MP+5MP dual rear camera for capturing your best beach moments.

Water bottle for hydration

Summer Must-Haves Kleen Kanteen

Lounging under the sun may give you a great tan, but remember to keep hydrated with a bottle of water at hand’s reach. Make sure you ditch the single use of plastic bottles by bringing your own bottle. Klean Kanteen has a wide array of stainless steel water bottles including insulated ones to keep your drinks cold throughout the day.

Beach blanket for convenience

Summer Must-Haves Beach Blanket

Lying on the beach with a book in hand is one of the best ways to kill time—until you stand up only to spend minutes trying to brush off sand from your skin or your mat! Lagu beach blankets can help you. These blankets repel sand to keep them on the beach. Plus, their unique linen blend is allergen-free with quick-dry properties.

Swimwear for extreme activities

Summer Must-Haves Swimwear

Although there are now a lot of shops that offer fashionable swimwear, make sure you stick to those that are made for the rough waves—especially if you are planning to try different beach and water sports like volleyball or surfing. Speedo is a trusted brand by many athletes because of its high-quality swimwear and accessories. With the proper sizing, every Speedo swimwear has a snug fit to keep you focused on the game.

Sunblock for protection

Summer Must-Haves Sunblock

Your time at the beach can leave a mark—literall. While you can avoid the sunburn by staying indoors, you might miss out on all the fun. Instead, you may opt to wear rash guards and other protective accessories like wide-brimmed hats. You should also make sure you apply sunblock before going out to the beach. Lightweight and water-resistant, the VMV Hypoallergenics’ Armada Sport 70 may be a sound choice. It shields your skin from UVA and UVB rays to prevent sun-related problems.

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