Because You Deserve It, Mommy!

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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Sounds familiar? Similarly, I would say “All work and no play makes a single mommy, a dull mommy”, no offense meant. To all those busy, brave and beautiful single moms out there, take a break from your daily routine and make some time for yourselves. Come out of that work loaded cocoon and let yourselves fly free.

Here are some the stress relieving and some of the fun things that you could do in your leisure time.


You can pamper yourself with a relaxing manicure or pedicure or probably a stress relieving massage from your nearest salon. You can just jump and jive to your favorite jam whenever you are free or you can take a stroll around the neighborhood and make some new friends. You can indulge yourself in any of your favorite secret hobbies like sketching, singing, knitting, dancing and loads more or keep yourself entertained by playing some of the popular online games such as bingo or casino, where you could make some real cash too. You can just meditate or do yoga for some time or try out some new recipes at home. You can just exercise for a while in the park and play with those cute little pets of your friends. You can just head out for some shopping, movies or dinner. You can make some new Facebook friends and have a chit-chat. The list goes on and on.

So, whenever you feel a lack of that little extra happiness, relief, and social life because of your constraints, just try out these little activities to keep yourself relaxed, unstressed and self-motivated. Because you deserve it, Mommy.

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5 thoughts on “Because You Deserve It, Mommy!

  1. My stress reliever is music and online games.?.Pag may time talaga massage spa pang pamper ko sa self ko.Need talaga natin ng “Me-time” kasi we deserve it?

  2. True mommy. Sa dami ng nagawa natin buong weekends, months, years ? deserve natin ang me ztime para sa sarili natin.. Wag natin pag damutan ang ating mga sarili..

  3. Yes! Nid din tlga ng mga mommys mag relax or unwind pra tanggal stress.. Break break din pag may time. ?

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