Betsy: Digital Creative Hub Showcases Filipino Craftsmanship and Quality

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Many emerging Filipino artists and artisans have a dream of pursuing their passion and finding the right market for their craft. The Betsy digital creative hub aims to help them realize that dream. Betsy gathers all these local talents in one site, empowering these enterprising individuals to turn their passion into profit.

A brainchild of Netherlands-based Filipina Judy Anne Santos-Sierszula, Betsy was inspired by one of her travels with her sister. Having browsed through several small artisan kiosks scattered all over the city, she and her sister thought: what if these artisans could have a dedicated online space where they could thrive? 

Betsy Founder Judy Anne Santos

Betsy puts the spotlight on special

Just about anything and everything is sold in the huge online marketplaces,” says Santos-Sierszula. Handcrafted pieces are sold alongside mass-produced merchandise on these platforms and it can be challenging for customers to appreciate the difference between the two. 

She adds, “In the Philippines, there’s no distinct space for pieces we consider as special – unique pieces made with the artist’s heart and soul.” 

However, Betsy is more than just an e-commerce platform; it is a creative hub with resources to help these artists hone their craft and scale.

“We will have resources on creative inspiration, small business advice, features on emerging artists as well as insights from thought leaders in the industry,” Santos-Sierszula elaborates.

“We believe in giving Filipino artists the recognition and value they deserve.”


The goal: Make special more accessible

More importantly, Betsy wants to make special access to more Filipinos.

“Many Filipinos are under the impression that unique, handmade pieces are way beyond their means and that these are only accessible to a select few,” says Santos-Sierszula. “Betsy is changing that.”

This, in turn, can lead to a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle. When one has access to meaningful products made with superior craftsmanship, it’s easier to consume less.

Betsy Logo

Coming soon

Betsy is on the lookout for emerging talents and is open to collaborations with student organizations and arts groups. Commissioning and online auction features will soon be available, and they’re just getting started.

Interested artists, artisans, and crafters can sign up at Once registered, they will be guided on how to set up their virtual store.

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