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Filipinas experience extreme humidity indoors or outdoors, especially during the rainy season. Humidity results in changes that bother most ladies– frizzier hair, acne-prone skin, and generally an ickier, stickier feeling throughout the day. What most women don’t share– humidity also contributes to the unpleasant feeling within their intimate areas. 

Here are some tips from Carefree ambassador Rei Germar that can help beat the kulob and icky feels throughout the day this rainy season:

  1. Always have rainy-day essentials ready 
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This includes having foldable umbrellas, raincoats, and even small towels to keep yourself dry from the rain. 

  1. Use Carefree pantyliners to keep your intimate areas clean and fresh all-day
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Make sure to use some Carefree pantyliners throughout the day! Keep a couple of pieces in your essentials pouch to keep changing throughout the day between activities.

There are different variants for different needs like Carefree Breathable for the clean, airy panty feeling all day, Carefree Super Dry to protect your panty from heavy daily discharge, and Carefree Healthy Fresh for superior odor control. My personal favorite here is Carefree Breathable.

  1. Touch up your look with makeup and some perfume
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A quick touch-up on your look is such a mood booster! Knowing that I look my best throughout the day also helps combat the icky feeling I get, especially when the weather is gloomy.

Dr. May Gonzaga, a gynecologist, also shares a few tips that can help Filipinas keep their intimate area clean and fresh during this time of the year. Dr. Gonzaga notes “Humid season is the time we should pay more attention to our personal hygiene and intimate areas because it makes women more prone to infections. As anything that increases the retention of heat, sweat, and wetness can lead to intimate discomforts and more importantly it can make the abnormal bacteria flourish and thrive which can lead to vulvar, vaginal, and urinary tract infections, peculiar foul smelling, and abnormal unwanted discharges from the intimate area.  To keep us ladies clean and fresh this humid season we should have good healthy habits, and proper intimate hygiene and use natural, thin, light, unscented, comfortable, cotton, hypoallergenic undergarments and pantyliners to keep us dry the whole day, and minimize the building up of bacteria and infections.”

To avoid and minimize the building-up of harmful bacteria in the intimate area and thereby prevent possible infections & the discomfort that goes with it, Dr. Gonzaga also recommends that ladies should have a healthy lifestyle in general in terms of diet, exercises with emphasis on:

  1. Practicing a habit of good feminine “hygiene”
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Wash and wipe always from front to back! Use water and mild soaps only, and washing the intimate area once to two times a day is adequate. Once you over-wash, you will wash away the good, healthy bacteria. And when this happens the ‘bad’ bacteria may colonize and give symptoms of unpleasant odors, discharge, and infections.

  1. Wear breathable clothes 
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Using cotton, comfortable underwear instead of those synthetic fiber panties which can lead to irritation, itchiness, inflammation, and even infections. Avoid wearing tight clothes like tight undergarments, tight skinny jeans or tight pants, and tight leggings that do not allow air to pass in your intimate area. Because our intimate area also needs to breathe. By allowing fresh air to pass through the area, it minimizes perspiration gives one more comfort, and is less prone to irritation and infections.

  1. Use a natural, thin, light, unscented, comfortable, cotton, hypoallergenic pantyliners to keep the vulvar area clean and dry the whole day.
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Changing every 3 to 5 hours a day depending on the day of the cycle is recommended. This is to prevent vaginal irritations, itching, inflammation, infections, and unpleasant odors and discharges from occurring.

Alex Burgos, brand manager, shares “As the leading pantyliner brand, Carefree believes that Filipinas should not be bothered and not be accustomed to the icky sensation within the vaginal area. We advocate for women to not only just be clean, but be Carefree clean.”To know more about the #CarefreePantyLove Movement visit and follow our social media accounts at and on Instagram and TikTok. Carefree pantyliners are available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide, as well as in our official company stores in Shopee and Lazada.

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