CHERRY FLASK: Up and Coming Cult Favorite

Cherry Flask
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All the hype surrounding double-wall vacuum-sealed bottles got everyone clamoring to get their hands on their own.

The ability of these bad boys to keep your beverages hot for good 12 hours, and cold for as long as 24 hours, has been picking up steam—no wonder why almost everyone is toting one around these days. 

CHERRY is the proud bearer of good news as it recently announced the launch of the Cherry Flask, boasting of the similar claim to fame of any other insulated bottles—only better. It carries an appealing price tag, starting at P750 for the 32oz while the 40oz variant retails at P850

Cherry Flask

With the emergence of this new product from CHERRY, you no longer have to deal with tepid water on a hellish summer afternoon or an off-putting lukewarm coffee while you’re knee-deep in work.  

The Cherry Flask is also reliably leak-proof. If your mornings are always hectic and casually throwing stuff inside your bag is an everyday ritual, this feature swears to keep your life more hassle-free. 

Not only is Cherry Flask efficient in keeping your drinks at the right temperature but it also has to be the most useful fashion statement you can flaunt all day. It is available in various colors including Bubble Gum Pink, Breeze Blue, Phantom Gray, Pop Violet, Varsity Blue, and Obsidian Black for the 32oz bottle. Meanwhile, you can choose from Phantom Gray, Pop Violet, Royal Blue, Valentine Pink, and Obsidian Black for the 40oz variant.  

More than just jumping on the bandwagon, see for yourself why the Cherry Flask, considering its competitive price, is the next big thing. To purchase, visit:

Cherry Shop PH: 

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