CHERRY ROAM: Still the Ultimate Travel Pocket WI-FI

CHERRY Roam New Price
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Traveling is one of life’s most rewarding experiences, and CHERRY Roam provides travel pocket Wi-Fi with a sweet spot of selection and attractive prices.

With the upcoming holidays, a lot of people are getting ready for their international trips. If you’re looking for a travel Wi-Fi companion, you can choose from the CHERRY Roam G3 or CHERRY Roam T2 Slim. Both devices are now priced at P1,990. The CHERRY Roam T1 Style can also be yours for 1,290. 

All devices have a user-oriented mobile application, flexible data packages, and extensive coverage in more than 140 countries worldwide! Capture and share your moments while trying out novel things. You can enjoy 1GB with 3 days of validity for as low as P250. 

CHERRY Roam New Price

Regardless if you’re doing it for business or pleasure, you can gain a fresh outlook on life by visiting far-off places or taking part in unusual activities. While roaming around the globe, you can also experience 5G ultra-fast and smooth connection with CHERRY Roam U50 for P16,000.

If you travel frequently, having a CHERRY Roam in your pocket can be worthwhile. So, globetrotters, get CHERRY Roam’s new prices starting September 1, 2023, and bring it on your every international trip!

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