Don’t Burn Your Pockets…

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We are living in a modern world surrounded by people along with their different lifestyles. I encounter lots of changes in the world today unlike the previous years passed. Many people are now hooked with different vices and habits. With some people, a day won’t pass without liquors and cigarettes. Some, will always be seen hanging out in casinos and gambling venues.

Dutch Masters Cigars

Cigarettes are dangerous to one’s self, we all know that. In order to minimize the harmful effects of cigarettes in the human body as well as the environment, Dutch Masters Cigars was introduced in the industry. These are made to provide the different desires of customers because they are available in various sizes and flavors. The cigars are manufactured from high quality tobacco which made them more in demand by the public and loved by cigarette smokers everywhere. The packing and the cover were also wonderfully-designed that’s why many are fascinated and tend to be curious about the said cigarette. As a result, they are searched and desired by a lot of people.

We are aware that cigarettes trigger dangerous side effects to our body and may result to serious health conditions. Many say that with cigarettes, you are just burning out money without having benefits at all.

People who are truly concerned about their well-being won’t smoke nor do anything that would shorten their existence on Earth. Should you desire to continue on smoking even though you know the risks, then it’s your choice. But, I hope you won’t smoke in public places or enclosed ones and especially if there are children. Research about second hand smoking before you do that.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Burn Your Pockets…

  1. Even though this is an old post it is still a fantastic one!! So true about the effects of smoking on the human body. I know when I was smoking I would always be aware of my surroundings!!! also when I was smoking I could not stand the smell!!! i would have to change my clothes & was up after every cigarette. thanks for sharing this is so important!!

  2. I think it’s wrong that smoking is being banned in so many places. What’s next? Non smokers have a choice just like people that do smoke should have.

  3. I believe that we should make it as hard as possible for smokers to smoke – there is nothing good – nothing! – about any kind of smoking.

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