Review: Experience a New Level of Intense Hydration with Cream Silk Hydra Fresh

Cream Silk Hydra Fresh
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My hair had been chemically-treated oh so many times I already lost count. Last year, I finally decided to ditch the hair dyes and embraced my grey hair with pride and now rocking it!

BUT, it’s super dry, frizzy, unruly and tangled at times. I do home treatments every week though I know, my hair needs a lot more than that. A monthly trip to the hair salon for a much-needed keratin treatment would do, but I just don’t have the luxury of time. It takes approximately 4 hours for the Keratin/Brazilian treatment with my hair texture and length.

So, what do I do when my hair becomes unmanageable to the point it’s breaking and hard to brush? CREAM SILK! My go-to conditioner for that immediate fix when it comes to tangles! My hair lacks moisture which leads to friction and tension which causes tangles. When I’m in a “tangled-situation”, I use any variant of Cream Silk.

Cream Silk Hydra Fresh

I’m trying out a new variant, the Cream Silk Hydra Fresh and it’s been an excellent product so far and it’s so light on the hair! None of that heavy, sticky, greasy feel. And you get that same awesome and instant hair fix which is a manageable and easy to brush hair!

Watch this short video of me brushing my hair while it’s still wet. Contrary to the belief that you must not brush your hair while wet because it breaks easily, not so true for my mane. I can actually manage it properly while wet than dry.

At the launch of this new variant, a demonstration was done comparing an X brand to the new Cream Silk Hydra Fresh conditioner using 2 hair samples. Both hair samples were tied into a knot and of course, the new Hydra Fresh got easily unknotted.

“Cream Silk’s lightest-ever conditioner is specially infused with Hydra-Collagen Technology that deeply hydrates every strand and locks in moisture to keep hair feeling fresh all day long. Its water-based and easy-rinse formula is designed to condition hair without the heavy and greasy feel. It is available in Fresh and Hydrated for oily and greasy hair, and Fresh and Bouncy perfect for limp and flat hair.”

Cream Silk Hydra Fresh

If you want to experience a new level of intense hydration with an unbelievably light feel, this NEW Cream Silk Hydra Fresh is the most #IntensebutLight conditioner!

The new Cream Silk HydraFresh Conditioner is now available in 10ml sachets, 150ml and 300ml bottles for Php6.50, Php149, Php259 SRP respectively, in all leading supermarkets, department stores, and drugstores nationwide, as well as online through Lazada, Shopee, and Watsons.

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