Gloww Collagen – Achieve a Youthful Glow Even in Your 40’s/50’s!

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One late bloomer here when it comes to skin care coz I started in my 30’s. My priorities when I was younger were work and late night gimmicks, well, I was single then. Things changed for the worse when I quit the corporate world and started a family, got fat, acquired Diabetes, “mukhang ng losyang”. I noticed that I looked older than my age, horrified with the reflection in the mirror, I started my journey to a healthy lifestyle including investing in skin care, even got myself a gym membership. But, got busy with married life and business, forgotten me once again. Finally able to pick up the pieces, when my youngest started grade school. To date, I look and feel younger, thanks to the different skin care line I’m using and having a healthy lifestyle which includes taking daily vitamins, proper diet, detox, and yes, Gloww Collagen.


Lemme tell you about these Gloww Collagen health supplements. My stash was delivered last week of May and I was only able to occasionally drink the supplement in June and regularly starting July. Though drinking it wasn’t a regular routine last June, I did see some noticeable improvement on my skin – I don’t need to put on lotion!

You see, I had dry and sometimes scaly skin specifically in the leg area. I hated putting on lotion especially during humid weather but had no choice when I needed to go out. There was a time last June that I didn’t go out because I was so busy decorating our new house. Didn’t see scales on my legs!

Gloww Collagen

Today, since I religiously drank Gloww Collagen from day 1 this July, here are further observations.

Note: I stopped my facial skin care regimen while drinking Gloww because I wanted to really know if it’s effective for me. I only use my usual facial wash then no more, it’s the truth. I was expecting breakouts, dryness, dark spots, sagging and wrinkles.

  • Skin smooth to touch – hubby has this habit of running down his hand on my arm whenever he passes by me in my work desk or massaging my shoulders. You know, just to let me know that he still exists hahaha. He noted that his hand now glides smoothly. Used to have this rough patch on my arm, chicken skin like, and because of Gloww Collagen, I now have improved skin hydration all over!
  • Better skin elasticity – I’m almost 50 and usually skin sagging occurs around late 30’s. With most women my age, sagging is very visible, well unless they really take care of their skin or frequently visit their skin care clinics for the usual rounds of laser/RF/cryo treatments. Apart from my long-time problem of a double chin (because I’m scared of undergoing lipo, lol), pinch me and my cheeks will bounce back, no signs of drooping whatsoever. Same goes in my entire body.
  • Wrinkle reduction – I do have fine lines and wrinkles due to aging but not as much as expected, perhaps due to religiously doing my day and night skin care regimens. But, since I stopped all facial skin care while doing this Gloww Collagen review, I initially expected the worst. Lo and behold, no additional wrinkles or fine lines! The old ones though did not totally disappear, but now are actually not that visible in person or in photos!
  • Glowing skin – An oily skin is way different from a glowing one. If you will note in the photo below taken today, my face wasn’t shiny but in fact, seemed like highlighted. Pardon the “I just woke up” photo coz it was taken this morning, no make-up, no filter though my gorgeous brows are embroidered for that “I woke up like this” look hahahaha
  • Tastes better – I actually like this more than the vanilla collagen I previously reviewed. Though, this I take with water and haven’t tried mixing it with any beverage.


    Now, I’m pretty sure you’re curious about Gloww Collagen, so here are some infographics:

    Gloww Collagen Health Supplement
    Gloww Collagen Health Supplement

    The Gloww Collagen food supplement powder has been fully tested by me and only a few sachets left to consume. Guess, I have to switch to the capsule form once all sachets are consumed for continuity.

    The only downside is that it’s quite pricey. But hey, beauty comes with a price, right. So, if I wanna continue having glowing skin, I have to purchase eventually. *wink*

    For more info on Gloww Collagen, find them on Facebook –

    Disclaimer: As always, what works for me, may not work for you, so, try at your own risk.

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