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Palacio de Memoria Virtual Tour
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Art and history enthusiasts can now go on a virtual tour of Palacio de Memoria, the resplendent Colonial Revival mansion, and marvel at its luxurious facilities and hundreds of Euro-Filipino paintings, sculptures, art displays, and historical pieces online.

Palacio de Memoria

The virtual tour offers a highly detailed and interactive presentation of the heritage house. If you haven’t visited Palacio de Memoria yet and are looking for a more “enriching” activity during the COVID-19 lockdown, now is the perfect time to explore and “walkaround” the place through 360-degree videos as if you are there in real life.

“Many Filipinos are ordered to stay home at the moment to protect themselves from the coronavirus pandemic. With most of us being isolated from the outside world, we hope that Palacio de Memoria’s virtual tour will not only give them respite during these uncertain times but also keep them productive as they learn and get a glimpse of a significant time in our history that was once Manila’s prime,” said Palacio de Memoria general manager Camille Lhuillier.

The tour will begin with an aerial and outdoor view of the estate which shows the restored pre-war mansion. It then leads to the first floor which shows the Los Tamaraos Ballroom and its Murano chandelier, as well as the terrazzo floor by National Artist for Architecture Juan Nakpil.

Palacio de Memoria 3

It also shows the showroom of Palacio de Memoria’s auction house, Casa de Memoria or the Casa, which houses the Lhuilliers’ unrivalled collection of antiques. Other highlights include the Mosphil Lounge, a passenger plane that was refitted to be a lounge for special occasions; the bridal suite which is perfect for weddings; and the recently opened museum which also serves as a chapel for intimate weddings and religious gatherings.

To view the complete Palacio de Memoria’s virtual tour, visit https://www.palaciodememoria.com/tours. For more updates, follow @thepalaciodememoria on Facebook and @palacio.de.memoria on Instagram.

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