Jennifer Lopez’s Herve Leger Bandage Dress

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At the American Idol show a few days ago, Jennifer Lopez shocked the audience and perhaps the whole world with her stunning dress. Why shocked? She looked awesome with her toned abs and legs exuding sexiness and glamour! I bet all men present dropped their jaws and women envied her dress and of course, her bod. Who wouldn’t? Even my eyes were glued to the tv when all judges walked to the stage. She was simply glamorous and so beautiful and shining, I think all eyes were at the stage and with J. Lo as she walked with confidence. She knows she is one of the sexiness woman in the whole world and that her beauty can kill, lol.

Jennifer Lopez’s Hervé Léger Bandage Dress


Anyway, she wore an Hervé Léger Bandage Dress, with strapped sandals which really looked like she wasn’t wearing one coz it’s almost the same tone as her skin. Though in her early 40’s and gave birth to twins, she still looks younger and super sexy. Wish I have that oozing personality and goddess like beauty. Just wondering what’s wrong with Marc Anthony that he wasn’t satisfied staying married to J.Lo. She has a killer beauty, compassion and money, so why leave, when you have the epitome of every man’s dreams by your side?

Every time the American Idol show is on, Jennifer never ceases to amaze me and yeah, and all those people around her. The choice of wardrobe and the way her hair is styled, are one of the most awaited by people. Even if I’m too busy with something, I’d stop and watch her in awe. Well, it’s not like the clothes she wears are like those I see that Jennifer Aniston proudly wore on the red carpet or like those sexy dancers in a Foxy Bingo show.

Here’s another bandage dress in a Las Vegas show that J.Lo wore:

Jennifer Lopez’s Hervé Léger Bandage Dress


She’s hot and even if she wants to be dressed simply, she still stands out anywhere and everywhere! I’m so glad she still continued to be a judge at the American Idol show and I sure hope, she’ll be one for many years more 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez’s Herve Leger Bandage Dress

  1. Her dress last AI episode really caught my attention. I kept looking at it while she was sitting at the judges table and she looks stunning .sexy abs and legs.

  2. Yes, I saw JLo wearing this bandage dress during that AI episode and I must say I liked it too. It’s really fashionable, not to mention attention-grabbing clothes. I agree with you when you said that JLO’s amazing that even in her 40’s + kids, she still looks as gorgeous as she had been when she was younger, in fact, for me she looked a whole lot better now than she did before. JLO’s like an old wine…she gets better each time you see her. And because of that, I will always admire her. 🙂

  3. She is getting gorgeous each day! She doesn’t seem to get old! Always stunning and sexy! Oh I wish getting that killer body is as simple as 1-2-3! And those bandage dress are fabulous!

  4. Latina’s have exquisite beauty next to Filipinas 🙂 The only difference with JLo’s fit-for-God looks is our socio-economic status, yes they are celebrity and live life in harmony and with luxury, while us – of course we’re happy and contended with God has given to us. In some cases, don’t be fooled by beauty. 🙂

  5. She’s indeed stunning. Imagine how old is she now yet she remains looking young and beautiful.. oh how i wish when I grow old, I can still maintain the magic of “youth-ness”. :)) lol

  6. I’m not J.Lo’s biggest fan, but I just love how she dresses and carries herself! 😀 Actually I was shocked too when I saw her wear that bandage dress. It would totally look trashy if someone else will wear it, but since it’s J.Lo, she looks fab! 😀

  7. omg! I totally love her dress!
    and Im a fan “let’s get loud” days nia pa lang.
    She is one of my thinspiration! 🙂

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