Meycauayan Jewelries Unveiled New Luxury Diamond Wedding Set Collections

Goddess Mayari Collection Meycauayan Jewelries
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Bulacan-based fine jewelry brand, Meycauayan Jewelries (MJ), has recently added two new collections to its dazzling selection of high-quality diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Inspired by timeless tales of love and passion, and the enchanting beauty of Philippine Mythology’s legendary deities, the Goddess Tala Collection and Goddess Mayari Collection are testaments to the brand’s strong desire to help promote and preserve the country’s rich cultural heritage through the art of jewelry making.

The new collections also showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of Meycauayan Jewelries’ master Plateros (goldsmiths) and mananaras (stone setters), whose skills are hard to come by in this day and age of machine production and automation.

Unveiled in July, each and every piece in these collections echo the mystique of two of the supreme being Bathala’s daughters. “These fresh designs were born out of a passion for crafting heirloom-quality engagement and wedding rings that tell unique stories, coupled with a vision to renew consumers’ appreciation of handcrafted artisan jewelry and rekindle interest in local myths and epics,” shared MJ founder and CEO, Maria Aleta Dionisio.

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A glittering cluster of diamonds: The Goddess Tala Bridal Set ensemble, inspired by the charm of the goddess of the morning and evening star in Tagalog mythology, brings something truly extraordinary for soon-to-be brides and grooms with a wedding band that can be worn in two ways – either as a splendid ring or as a lush pendant and a sparkling engagement ring that is adorned with a two (2) carat IGI-graded diamond. 

One of the three daughters of Bathala to a mortal woman, demigoddess Tala is revered for her fiery light. Her bright spheres serve as a guide for travelers and seafarers alike.

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As enchanting and dreamy as the moon is The Goddess Mayari Wedding Band Set. Its meticulously designed engagement ring showcases the elegant and mesmerizing glow of a one (1) carat center Salt and Pepper diamond. Smaller natural diamonds on the side and in the crescent prong-set enhance the looks of the ring, making it even more stunning. One of the two most common phases of the moon is evident in the bands – the crescent and the full moon.

Lunar-deity Mayari hailed as the most beautiful divinity in the celestial court of her father Bathala is also known to be the ruler of the earth at night in Tagalog myth. The one-eyed goddess embodies beauty and strength. 

All rings included in the collections are available in 14karat and 18karat gold. Pieces can be purchased as shown in the images or customized with any diamond of your choice to suit your unique story, style, and budget needs. MJ invites you to visit their showrooms, either at #511 Sampaguita St. Manzano Subdivision, Ibayo, Marilao Bulacan, or at Unit 828 Vinia Residences + Versa Flats in Quezon City, to have a look and feel of the entire collection.

MJ is commissioned mostly for wedding and engagement rings but does not limit itself to what the brand could offer its customers who have different needs and preferences in terms of jewelry design, gemstones, and hard materials. Clients can choose from a wide range of options for center stones that include but are not limited to natural diamonds, lab-grown, and colored gemstones. Discover more treasures on the brand’s social media pages. @meycauayanjewelries.

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