Neutra K: Philippines’ First Potassium Food Supplement

Neutra K Potassium Supplement
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Most millennials begin the day with the best intentions: eat healthily, do the best at work, work out at the gym, meet up with friends – basically be proactive. The exhausting routine make their lifestyle needs a bit different from those of others.

And living healthy may take a backseat. Millennials often opt for quick bites being on the go. They take over-the-counter (OTC) vitamin and mineral supplements to provide whatever nutrients their fast food meals lack. But while it is easy to get the recommended daily allowances of vitamins like B, C, and even D, or minerals like iron and calcium, they cannot get their daily dose of the mineral potassium (K), as the supplement was not available OTC in the past.

Potassium, an electrolyte, is essential for the body’s growth and maintenance. It keeps a normal balance of fluid in the body, helps lower blood pressure, protects against stroke, helps prevent osteoporosis or brittle bones and kidney stones, reduces stress and anxiety, enhances the nervous system, reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes proper food breakdown, and body growth.

Now, millennials do not have to worry about not getting enough of the mineral. A potassium supplement is available OTC to make it convenient for people, particularly millennials who need the mineral because of their lifestyles, to get their required daily dose.

Neutra K Potassium Supplement

Neutra K is a simpler, better, and easier way to meet a person’s potassium needs. The Philippines’ first potassium food supplement with no prescription needed, Neutra K is sourced from one of the world’s leading producers of natural ingredients. The potassium in Neutra K is non-acidic, has no artificial flavors and preservatives, and effectively promotes a more regulated acidity in the body to prevent the potential ill-effects of prolonged imbalance. Taking Neutra K tablets twice a day – one during breakfast and another during dinner – makes it more convenient for millennials to stay healthy despite their hectic lifestyles.

Neutra K is available in 300 mg tablets, in boxes of 100 or 12, exclusively in Mercury Drugstore branches nationwide.

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