O2 Skin Lab: K-beauty Skincare and Wellness Clinic

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In a world of overnight peels and instant skin solutions, the Korean standard of beauty stands out as an example of deliberate self-care. Exhibited in the multi-step beauty regimen is the philosophy of effortfully practicing self-care to nurture one’s best face.

Newly-launched skincare and wellness clinic O2 Skin Lab adheres to this same philosophy. If in Korea, everyone—from housewives to top executives and office workers—has a skincare regimen. They believe that taking care of the self is part of a routine to cultivate their best selves because one-time indulgences and weekend spas are not enough.

O2 offers a wide array of services geared towards building a consistent and tailored beauty practice. Their services include facial care packages, minimally-invasive procedures, contouring services, and laser treatments, all of which aim to elevate the Filipino beauty experience and give access to those who want the true Korean beauty philosophy within their practice.

O2 Skin Lab: K-beauty Skincare and Wellness Clinic

“Koreans have a saying ‘A beautiful rice cake is a delicious rice cake,’ which means that a visually appealing aesthetic entails work that not only polishes the surface but also ensures that it has been nurtured from within,” notes co-founder and CEO of O2 Skin Lab Phillip Cho.

“Everyone in Korea has a beauty regimen because we believe in investing in self-care so we can present our best face forward in our every interaction. It shows we respect that person because we want to present our best to them,” he adds

O2 Skin Lab: K-beauty Skincare and Wellness Clinic

Cho has spent years understanding the trends in the Korean beauty industry. His knowledge spans not only innovative techniques, but also the importance of authentic technologies and services for optimal treatment.

“We ensure that our therapists and medical practitioners in the clinic know how to handle O2 Skin Lab’s equipment,” added Dr. Cherry Co, co-founder of O2 Skin Lab. “Having that proper knowledge is an edge we want to offer clients, so they can expect only the best results.”

O2 Skin Lab: K-beauty Skincare and Wellness Clinic

The new space located in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, reflects the same experience it aims to offer its clients: clean, refreshing, subdued yet elegant. It also reflects the qualities of an inssa, a Korean term that means “insider” who knows the coveted secrets of Korean beauty.

With O2 Skin Lab, clients can expect to become inssas—or beauty insiders—when it comes to the best, authentic Korean treatments to give them the best beauty experience.

O2 Skin Lab’s new space is located at Unit 1218, High Street South Corporate Plaza Tower 1, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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