Reinvent Your Kitchen!

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Tired of the same kitchen look and feel and ready to take on a new design?

Kitchen Renovation

Here are a few tips you can do so you can reinvent your kitchen without so much fuss and without breaking your bank:

  • Make a general assessment of the whole kitchen. See which things must go and which ones will stay.
  • After doing all that, see if you can recycle those things you don’t need and think of ways on how you can reinvent them to your liking. If they are not functional or say, cabinets that are termite infested, don’t think twice and let them go.
  • If you have a counter top that looks old and heavily stained, revamp that with new tiles that will match the colour of your new walls or a design that will contrast everything else, so it will kinda stand out amongst the rest.
  • If your cabinets can still be reused, either repaint them or put on some lively kitchen appropriate wall decals or wall papers. No need to tear them down, just make them more homey looking.
  • Look for a modern faucet and sink to jazz up your kitchen a little further. Note that there are many designs that are way cheaper than what you see on television commercials, so do some research first and canvas the prices from different stores.
  • A new lighting fixture is one of the most important reinvention you’ll need. The styles of lights will make a huge different especially if you didn’t change that much.

I’ve renovated and reinvented my kitchen several times but believe me, it didn’t cost me that much. My ultimate tip is canvassing and not buying unnecessary things. You can start researching for new kitchen looks online such as in and just get some ideas for your new kitchen.

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5 thoughts on “Reinvent Your Kitchen!

  1. we live in an apartment, but looking for a house. some houses have rooms / kitchens / etc, that are not great looking. but putting our touch and invention into it …. i am excited!

  2. Thanks for the ideas on how to reinvent my kitchen, I rent so I am always looking for ways to update my kitchen without investing a lot of money.

  3. I wish I had the kitchen shown here!Luckily, I just won a new ceiling fan, so that’s taken care of.We really need a new floor. Maybe someday.

  4. These are all great tips, I like the idea of re-tiling the counter top to create a contrast. Thank you for this post.

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