Samut-Sari’s Blogversary Blowout Winners

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Let’s not go into any more intros coz I’m pretty sure you all have been waiting for the results. Though, I just wanna say that, thank you for understanding re the delays and I hope you won’t forget to visit all my other blogs. Most of all, thanks for spending some time to join and finish the required and optional tasks.

Alrighty! Below are videos of how I came up with the winners for every category. Congratulations to all winners! I’ll send you emails and you are required to contact me within 48 hours or your winnings will be forfeited. I will again draw another winner from the list. Yey! Thanks y’all!


If you can’t wait for the video, the winner is …. DIVINE CARAECLE!  Sorry, I wasn’t able to save the screen shot.


Now, there are 9 winners for this category therefore 9 prizes. The first spot goes to the number 1 winner in The Hat and so on.

  1. Diamond Peel + Vit. C Infusion (Valued at Php2450) from Samut-Sari
  2. Pure Beauty Line Set (body lotion, body scrub, body butter, hand lotion) from Earthling Gorgeous
  3. Mary Kay Satin Hands Cream from Shop Till You Drop
  4. Háyden Kho Pèrfume from Earthling Gorgeous
  5. Enna Furano Top from Circles and Dots
  6. Mommy Statement Shirt by Glamma Momma (send in your body size)
  7. Mary Kay Sunburst Lipstick from Shop Till You Drop
  8. Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soap from What’s Up?!
  9. Multiply Ladies Shirt from Make Money Online

You will notice that there are dupe winner/s in the video above, I had to draw again to give way to others and you can only win once in a category. 🙂

For those in a hurry, view it HERE.

As for the COMMENTING TASK, many of the joiners commented a lot on the sponsors’ blogs but did not submit their entries, so I guess, I can’t include them in the raffle. One, however, submitted her entries, thus, making her as the very first winner for this category. The rest of the names will be again raffled and will win the following prizes below. But, note that I will take out the names of those who won already.


  • 1st PRIZE – Manila Bay Cruise, dine and unwind for 2pax from The Gimikera (Valued at P1100)
  • 2ND PRIZE – Foot Spa + Reflexology Treatment (Valued at Php400) from One Proud Momma
  • 3RD PRIZE – HP Jacket from Earn Dollars Pinoy!
  • 4th PRIZE – Leaves Furano Top from Circles and Dots
  • 5th PRIZE – Mommylicious Shirt by Shopping Spells

…. And the first prize goes to ..dan dan dan dan! … MONA ABAYLE! Congratulations sis for winning the Manila Cruise! Thank you for the never ending support and the effort you have exerted every time 🙂

The 2nd to the 5th prize winners are in the video below 🙂

If you can’t sit still and wait, you can see it HERE.

UPDATE 12/19 – The 5th winner for the commenting task didn’t confirm after 4 days, so i drew another winner. Congratulations!

Replacement Winner

Again, congratulations to all winners! I’ll send you all emails re this and please do respond within 48 hours. If you happen to visit this page before you got the email, please do PM me in FB or send me an email at eihdra (at) earndollarspinoy (dot) com.

Samut-Sari's Blogversary Blowout Winners

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  1. was here again i forgot to leave comment last night na excite ba lucky ata ako sa mga giveaways mo hope there is more hehe .. Thanks again.

    1. ahaha was looking at the dashboard and saw someone visiting this old page.. It’s you pala.. Thanks sis glad you liked it!

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