Secosana Alex Gonzaga Collection

Secosana Alex Gonzaga Bags
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A collaboration between companies or brands and celebs is no longer unusual here in the Philippines. We’ve seen various fashion and beauty brands partnered with celebrities, some became successful and some, well, just didn’t make it. Many brands may have created their own signature designs but collabs are slowly popping in the market and people are loving the idea again. In this day and age where the “woke” market seeks transparency and authenticity, efforts such as these may prove detrimental to the brand.

This was the guiding principle behind the recent collaboration between SECOSANA Bags, an iconic brand that has proven strong since 1996, and social media superstar Alex Gonzaga who has gained popularity due to her image of being raw, real and relatable.

Secosana Alex Gonzaga Collection

“We wanted the brand to be relatable and to be appealing to more than just the millennial market. We wanted the brand and the collection to be true to who Alex is and designs that she appreciates and will use, so as to appeal to Genera+on Z. “When we started envisioning the bag collection, we told Alex that she will definitely have a hand in the designs, the colors, the fabric, and the overall look,” said Bea – Head of Secosana Sales and Marketing.

And that was truly what happened. Working with the SECOSANA designers, Alex Gonzaga was part of the entry process from conceptualization to quality control, to ensure that the various collection pieces truly represented who and what Alex represented.

Secosana Alex Gonzaga Collection

“This collection is who I am and what kind of handbag I truly love to carry — small enough to be handled with ease, finding my most important personal items — very functional; and yet exude freshness and a sense of style that one can match with whatever they are wearing. This collection is truly an expression of my passion for fashion,” said Alex Gonzaga.

Check out and purchase the entire Alex Gonzaga collection at and in Secosana boutiques. Selected collection items will be available in SM and Robinsons Department stores.

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6 thoughts on “Secosana Alex Gonzaga Collection

  1. galing naman may touch of Alex Gonzaga pala ang collection na eto. No doubt malaki sales nito since famous si Alex and true naman na bagay siya dito? Gaganda ng bags, perfect for any ootd ,looks sturdy and classy ang datingan..I am also a Secosana college days pa and able to give one sa isang bagets na pinsan, matibay kasi and spacious sa loob even noong working ako Secosana din ang bag ko?

  2. Bag lover po ako and yung iba ko pong bag is Secosana, maganda po tlga ang quality ng Secosana.

  3. So bonga Naman NG endorse ni Alex Gonzaga Ang Ganda NG bag like ko Yan kaso mukhang Mahal hehe

    Fb Nikkie BP Rosales
    IG @nikkiepepito
    YT Nikkie Pepito
    Twitter @NikkiePepito

  4. I remeber during college days super sikat nitong secosana at yan lagi bag naming mga magkakalase..super tibay and very affordable..#LoveLocal

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