#ShareTheSun with Watsons Summer Must-Haves!

Watsons Summer Must-Haves
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The summer heat is indeed upon us and it’s time to change your skin care routine to something light, with loads of moisturizers and of course, tons of sun protection! This summer season, you can’t just go out unprotected, meaning, you need to arm yourself from head to toe or else, you’ll get sunburned and worse, skin cancer! That’s a scary thing! So, check out my stash of Watsons Summer Must-Haves and you should include some of these protections in your bag and wherever you go!

Watsons Sun Protection

In this heat, you will definitely feel the scorching sun once you go out. Even just staying home, it can affect us. So, you need to add some layer of protection for your face and body. It doesn’t matter whether you’re all covered up or just walking in the shades to avoid getting burned. The summer heat itself can cause many skin problems such as dark spots, wrinkles, basically premature skin ageing.

Watsons Sun Protection

What you should do is choose the best sunscreen or sunblock for your skin type. Spread a thin layer on your face and body approximately 30 minutes before you go out. This way, it’s already fully absorbed by the skin and protection can start.

Watsons Hair and Body Must-Haves

We also need to use personal products for our hair and body that will meet the needs of moisturizing and protection overall. Below are some products which can help in those departments as well as whitening!

Watsons Hair and Body Must Haves

Watsons Hair Colour

You might want to do a hair makeover this summer, a color that will stand out and will also suit your personality. You can choose these Watsons Hair Color and more can be found in the stores nationwide.

Watsons Hair Color

Watsons Nail Care

Our nails need attention too! It won’t be a complete head to toe protection if you will leave out your fingernails and toenails. So, check out these summer colours from the Nail Care selections below.

Watsons Nail Care

Whether you’re just going about your daily activities or daily routines, OR heading for the pool/beach, you need to stack up on these important items. Especially sunblock or sunscreen! It’s one of your best defenses against the sun and I am reiterating, premature ageing.

Share the Sun!

Whether you are set to enjoy summer with your family or friends, Watsons’ range of summer essentials will help you look good, feel great, and share the best time with those who matter to you.

Watsons Share the Sun Belo Sunscreen

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So, go right ahead and enjoy summer but best of all – #ShareTheSun with your loved ones!

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5 thoughts on “#ShareTheSun with Watsons Summer Must-Haves!

  1. Hi momshie Summer must haves nga lahat lalo na yung Sunscreen protection dahil pag summer puro outing na, biore at belo sunscreen gusto ko check ko nga po sa watsons para makasali din sa promo nila paboracay hehe ?

  2. wow may chance manalo ng trip to Bora ? Lahat ng nasa pic mommy summer must-haves ? I like buying at Watsons kasi i get to earn points lalo na now na need natin yan this summer.

  3. We really need these Watsons Summer goodies this summer, especially in our trips or travels to protect our skin from sun burn and dirts.

  4. We really need this Watsons Sun Protection goodies, our skin protection this summer to prevent sun burn, dark spots, freckles, acne and pimples.

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