Similarities Between Women and Computers

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Before you read any further, please note that this isn’t an article out to damage or cut down the significant role of women in our society. Read below only as humour and absolutely nothing more. These are intended solely for a good laugh.

Women are unique in several ways (and by this I mean diverse than men) and its this distinct uniqueness or particular traits that I refer to when likening a woman to an individual personal computer. Don’t get offended please as I am a woman too; it is intended to make you all smile. So, here goes:

  • A woman is like a computer in that she costs much more than you thought it would.
  • A woman resembles a personal computer because she won’t do exactly what you thought it’s going to
  • After a while, you just can’t do anything without both: your computers and your woman.
  • Computers are just like women: soon after you have gotten used to them and cannot do without them, you discover that one is just not enough (lol)
  • Some computers, like some women, serve several people
  • You can work miracles with both by gently using your fingers, that is if you know the appropriate codes
  • Should you become inactive for more than fifteen minutes, they will shut off
  • Just like a computer, the person who owns her has far more privileges than just anyone else who’s just running her
  • When short-circuits of electricity happens, they shut you off and then you won’t be able to  return to what was, prior to the short-circuit.
  • Usually they are available and receptive at night, but it’s a lot better when they are like that in the morning
  • When you badly need them, they go offline or do something else
  • Both are unpredictable
  • They both perform Windows cleanup. Just that women usually can’t get all of the dirt off in one sweep.

If you think about it, there are more similarities than what’s listed above. But it all boils down to one point – Though computers can perform various tasks at lightning speed, it won’t be able to return the love and care most men need.

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4 thoughts on “Similarities Between Women and Computers

  1. I absolutely had a good laugh! It’s so funny because, well it’s kinda true. The best thing I’ve read all day.

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