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SM Woman Digital Shoot
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In an unprecedented span of time where most of the world is forced to stay home, does self-expression, resourcefulness and creativity blossom? In life, we are always driven by fate to our chosen tribes, the ones we find commonality with. In this world where self isolation is a saving grace, how do like-minded beings commune? How do they practice the human tendency to come together over things you love?

SM Woman partakes in Shared Love in Virtual Spaces, a digital shoot featuring individuals with influence in their own community, who all share a certain love for things they are passionate about creating, styling, photography, wellness, sports, and more forms of lifestyle. By gathering these influencers, SM Woman shows that fulfilling your passions can adjust to extraordinary times like this.

SM Woman

Shot by BJ Pascual, styled by Daryl Chang, with a video by MV Isip—this shoot was produced in the safety of their respective homes, done via video conferencing with the influencers and models armed just with their camera phones and internet connection. A statement on creativity and fashion always being malleable enough to fit the times, Shared Love in Virtual Spaces embodies SM Woman’s commitment to developing ways to reach its customers in the new normal.

Athlete Majoy Baron, influencer Lexi Mendiola, beauty queen Christi McGarry, model Jessica Yang and and stylist Daryl Chang modeled their two-way wearing outfits as the faces of Shared Love in Virtual Spaces. Personalities known to be out and about in their fields, these influencers prove that having limited access to the outdoors and social interaction does not stop anyone from finding ways to share your passion.

SM Woman Digital Photo Shoot

As General Community Quarantine kicks off and a bit of mobility is allowed outside the home, SM Woman pioneers the concept of ‘two-mile wearing,’ a concept of shopping for and styling pieces that can be worn both at home and outside the house. See pieces and prices below:

In the past few weeks, SM Woman along with SM Men and SM Youth of The SM Store launched its Call to Deliver service, an innovative way to shop: callers state their essential needs and the brands’ team of shoppers will choose the items personally and arrange for the goods to be delivered to the buyer straight to the comfort of their homes. All shoppers have to do is contact 09178001074, and they will be readily assisted. Aside from that, they can also easily shop via

SM Woman has also been a mainstay in the Viber group, Stay At Home-Wear Essentials (can be accessed through this link, a catalogue of different clothing pieces and products that people might need, updated through Viber in real time. Here, shoppers can conveniently browse through various offerings and order directly through the numbers provided.

Order pieces from the collection straight to your doorstep. Contact 09178001074 to order or shop via Visit @SMWoman on Facebook and Instagram for more info and promos.

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  1. Good initiative SM..we can shop kahit thru virtual lang..and i wanna try that ourfit na pwede pambahay at pang alis..sounds very practical.

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