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More and more people are shifting to smart living and we all can’t help it—once you get introduced to a more secure, comfortable, and convenient lifestyle, there’s just no turning back. Imagine being able to control your entire home with the internet and your handy smartphone. Yep, that sure does sound convincing. The good news is you can have access to a posh abode that equally gives you peace of mind without costing you much, thanks to Cherry Home’s belt of IoT devices.

Here are some of the brand’s products that you can add to your crib to make it smart, in and out:

Cherry Home Smart Floodlight Camera. As soon as you enter your property, you are outright greeted with extra security. Definitely not your ordinary smart camera, the Cherry Home Smart Floodlight Camera can alarm you in two forms—light or siren—once its Human-Detection mode is activated and it senses an unusual movement. It features two floodlights with up to 1600 lm (light output), 100 decibels siren alarm, up to 22W power consumption, and 140˚ wide-angle viewing. All these features and more for P4,999.

Cherry Home Smart Video Doorbell and Cherry Home Smart Entrance Lock. This power combo may be sold separately but you wouldn’t want to miss out on each as they are both experts on home security. The Cherry Home Smart Video Doorbell would make you feel as if someone is guarding your door, 24/7. Not only would it keep you safe by letting you monitor who’s outside, you can also conveniently talk to whoever is ringing your chime whether you are in the office, the grocery, or just comfortably snuggled up under the covers with its two-way audio feature. Through the Cherry Home app available on both iOS or Android phones, it even lets you take screenshots or record videos just in case you’ve been getting unsolicited visitors—sketch.

Paired with the Cherry Home Smart Entrance Lock, you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving your house for a period of time. This on the other hand, as seen in 5-star accommodations or some leading K-Dramas, is like your traditional doorknob that made a 180-degree turn—all sleek and modern. Beyond the sophistication that it can add to your door, it boasts five unlock features. You can choose from the RFID Card Unlock which is the same as how your hotel key card functions, the Fingerprint Unlock just as with your smartphone, the Application Unlock that lets you open through your Cherry Home app, the Anti-Peeping Password Unlock so you can simply type in the passcode and the good ol’ Mechanical Key Unlock. You can also let unexpected visitors in without sharing with them the actual code as you can simply provide them with a remote dynamic password or one-time pin.

Get the Cherry Home Smart Video Doorbell for P3,250 and the Cherry Home Smart Entrance Lock for P6,950.

Cherry Home IoT oMNIBUS

Cherry Home Smart Wall Switch (2-Gang). Kid you not, even your wall switch can now be controlled via smartphone. Introducing the Cherry Home Smart Wall Switch (2-Gang) that is energy-efficient and is compatible with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. You can even schedule its on/off function. Grab one now for only P975.

Cherry Home Smart 4-USB Smart Extension Cord. Does a new gadget always find a way to lure you? If you’ve already got a bunch, charging them all at once can be quite a bother. In all its glory, the Cherry Home Smart 4-USB Smart Extension Cord not only has four sockets but comes with additional four USB ports to boot. You can also choose a schedule for its on/off, features a smart Wi-Fi control, and is energy-saving too. On top of that, its full flame-retardant shell can help you feel at ease even if your gadgets are left unattended while charging.

Cherry Home Smart Basic Camera. Starting from your porch all the way through the insides of your home, there’s nothing like keeping an extra eye wherever you go. The Cherry Home Smart Basic Camera can be placed in various parts of your house so you can monitor and keep track of activities when you’re outside. It has two-way audio, 1080P full HD resolution, smart motion detection, night vision, and of course, smart Wi-Fi control. It also enables 24/7 video recording. Shop as many as you can for this is priced at only P999.

We’re certainly at the peak of advancement and there’s no reason for you to be left behind. Cop all this and discover more of Cherry Home IoT products by visiting:

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