Solane Achieves 22 million Manhours without Lost Time Injury

Solane 22 Million Man-hours without Lost Time Injury
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Isla LPG, the company behind one of the most trusted LPG brands Solane, has achieved 22 million safe manhours for both its regular employees and contracted staff without Lost Time Injury (LTI) as of April 2022.

This milestone in Health, Safety, Security, and Environment means all Isla LPG employees and Isla partners, both in the plant and office, have not experienced any injury or accident that resulted in them being absent from work and thereby, losing productive work time. “At Isla LPG, we take safety seriously every step of the way, from our plants and offices to the transport of Solane LPG products to our valued customers and business partners,” said Tonito Gonzalez, CEO of Isla LPG. “We want all our employees and contracting partners to feel confident about our mission to provide safe and quality LPG accessible for Filipinos, and it starts with ensuring that they have a safe workplace.” 

For Isla LPG, the 22M LTI-free manhours record means the company was able to achieve operations in the plant including gantry/cylinder filling, the safe driving performance of haulers, no LTI in Isla’s plants and offices nationwide, and no LTI for Isla contractors working on projects, installations, and partner sites. 

“Safety is non-negotiable for Isla LPG. Just like how we put a premium on the safety of our products through stringent measures and innovative technology, we also make sure that all our employees are working in a healthy, safe, secure, and environment-friendly workplace by integrating practices in all aspects of our businesses,” said Marvin Dela Fuente, HSSE Manager of Isla LPG.

Dela Fuente attributes this hard-earned milestone to the company’s efforts to combine regular training, documentation, plant operation programs, and annual internal audits. He added that the company ensures that safety is instilled in everyone’s hearts and minds.   

“Aside from striving for zero LTI, our goal is to have no major plant operation accidents, major road transport accidents, total recordable occupational illnesses, security incidents, and life-saving rules violations,” Dela Fuente added. 

Solane 22 Million Man-hours without Lost Time Injury

Isla LPG employees undergo weekly toolbox meetings to start their workweek and receive regular training on first aid, firefighting, and Permit to Work-Job Hazards Analysis. In compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Republic Act No 11058, Isla tapped Philippine Red Cross Trainers in June to conduct First Aid training for its security personnel, and plant staff, and nominated employee first aiders.  

Given the risk that comes with working with hazardous substances, Isla implements programs specifically for its plant operations. These include Emergency Response Procedures (ERP) were proactive and reactive approaches for plant operations are discussed and implemented, the Medical Response Strategy (MERS) where plant safety and high health standards are ensured, and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) component where Isla works with the community surrounding its plants. 

To review and ensure that safety procedures and practices are up-to-date and implemented, Isla also conducts an annual internal safety audit on its plant operations, distributor operations, metal maintenance contractors, and haulers.

Isla LPG Corp. (ILC), ISLA Petroleum & Gas Corporation’s subsidiary engaged in the supply, trading, marketing, and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in the Philippines under the banner brand Solane (formerly Shellane), operates strategically located LPG refilling plants nationwide and has a vast network of distributors and retail stores.

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