Start a New Hobby of Soap Making

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Something I have recently taken a passion to is soapmaking. Having gotten bored of baking and gardening, I came across a great article on how to make organic, homemade soap which was so interesting I decided to give it a try. Wouldn’t it be amazing to choose the ingredients that go into the soap you use, customise the flavour, the herbs, and the scent?

Follow these tips to make the most fragrant, luxuriant soaps you’ll ever find.

There are many DIY sites that give instructions on how to use the lye and make soap. Be sure to follow the quantities without ambiguity to maintain consistency. The basic formula is to add lye to water and combine this mixture, which will then form a pasty consistency called ‘trace’. At this stage is when most innovative ingredients can be added. From lavender extract, essential oils, honey, fresh cream, milk, baking soda, sugar, etc. A number of things may be used to flavour the soap.

Handmade Herbal Soap by dusky
Photo:”Handmade Herbal Soap by dusky”

For those who enjoy fruits, there is sad news. The caustic action of lye often renders the fresh fruit useless, and there is great contention over whether the fresh fruit may cause mold or fungus to form on the soap over time.

Chocolate lovers can breathe a sigh of relief, as adding molten chocolate or cocoa powder retains its properties and gives a nice scent to the soap, and a light brown colour too. Addition of coffee too is beneficial for its exfoliating properties as well as scent.

To add texture to soap, coconut fibre may be twisted through the soap mould which would act as a loofah. Adding strips of cloth, chamomile fibre, chia seeds, mustard seeds all add to the gorgeous texture.

For colouring, natural elements like beetroot, lavender, aloe, coffee, cocoa may be added. However if you like popping colours, organic food colouring which is skin friendly can also be used.

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