Wedding Ideas -Themed Cocktails

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One of the most special days of a lifetime is your wedding day, and the reception following celebrates the marriage. During this reception, champagne has always been the beverage most popular for toasting the nuptials. However, many couples want a personal touch added to their drinks, resulting in a catering trend of matrimonial signature drinks or wedding-themed cocktails. These cocktails have seasonal flavors with clever names.

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Outdoor Summer Reception

If plans are for an outdoor wedding, there must be refreshing and delicious drinks for all. This occasion calls for a popular cocktail with a blend of vodka, apple, kiwi, lemon, and raspberry. Looking at the magnificent summer colors around you, the deep pink looks great against them. Let’s not forget a drink popular with any wedding catering company, summer passion. This pleasurable orange cocktail is a passion fruit juice blend. Frangelico, Grenadine, Champagne, and Hazelnut liqueur. Use a floating orchid for garnish, and it makes an ideal cocktail for a sunset reception.

Wedding-Theme Personality

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Your personality is stated with your wedding theme, and the bar menu, you choose should as well. Using the theme of your wedding to create a cocktail, allows guests to have a more personal part in your wedding experience. When looking at different catering trends, or if you want a glamor themed wedding, try Vespa Martinis with the use of premium gin and vodka, adding a dash of dry vermouth. Couples can name their drinks whatever they choose, just open up your imagination wide.

Alternative to Champagne

If planning on a traditional wedding, but no champagne toast, discuss with a wedding catering company what drink holds special significance for you both, and have that served as an alternative. This drink may be one from both your heritages, or love story. A traditional toast is still able to happen, but now it has a personal touch. No matter what type of cocktails served at your wedding, remember you do not always have to follow the latest trends.

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