Your Piano in the Storage?

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You have a piano and you love it so much, but your space is now limited, what with the new baby’s crib taking so much area in your small apartment. You’re thinking of putting it in the storage together with some other items you need to stack in there, again for a much needed space. And then you ask yourself, “how am I going to get it in there without damaging it?”.

Most people would say, what the heck are you thinking, storing a piano in the storage? You can either give it away or ask a relative or close friend to keep it for you for the meantime until you get a bigger space or the baby is a little bigger.

But what if no one wants to keep it at their house?

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Then, it’s time to think of other options. Do you have a nearby storage facility like those you watch on “Storage Wars” or something (lol). It’s this climate controlled facility where you rent a storage and put all your unneeded items there. Though you have to keep on paying monthly or yearly otherwise you won’t get all your valuable items back. It’s like renting a tiny apartment for all your things.

Your piano can be stored there because the temperature is controlled and you won’t have to worry about humidity changes which can cause severe damage to your stuff. Frequent temperature changes can cause your piano to go out of tune or a steel piano hinge loosened overtime.

If you have a piano at an unheated summer home or cottage, it’s probably better to keep the piano there during the cold winter months than to move it back and forth every year. If a person has to choose between storing a piano in a place that’s very hot versus very cold, the piano will usually fare much better in the cooler place. Some experts suggest placing moth balls in the piano during the winter storage period, taking care to make sure the moth balls don’t touch the finish of the piano. Just be sure to remember to remove them before you start using the piano again.

At least if it’s in the storage or just a nearby place of a friend, you can get it anytime you want and play your fave tune again.

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2 thoughts on “Your Piano in the Storage?

  1. When I was 17 I had a piano. I was 8 months pregnant and had to get rid of it because of limited space. I can’t remember who I gave it to. I do remember rolling it down the street by myself. I must’ve looked nuts.

  2. I didn’t know you had to do so much to store a piano! This is good info. pianos are a delicate instrument proper handling would definitely be an issue.

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