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Wearing fancy clothes sometimes seem to be insufficient to bring out the self – confidence of a person. Therefore, jewelry has been reflected as an extra factor and an essential in adding one’s confidence and beauty. Although it has been long considered as a display of someone’s wealth, for someone with insufficient budget, a faux one will already suffice.

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Women, known as the most prominent lover of jewelry, never ceased in liking different kinds of style. Be it in gold, sterling silver jewelry, precious stones or diamonds; to stone beads and crazy shapes. Every woman has her own style and depending on the financial capability.
As much as women adore jewelry, men of this era are also riding with the trend. Seeing a man with an earring on one ear doesn’t mean that he’s a rock star or in a band. Sterling silver jewelry such as rings, stud earrings, and a chain bracelet; even a punk – styled necklace is a common sight especially to teenage men. When it comes to accessories and vanity-wise, one may conclude that both genders are now in the same boat.

Jewelries may serve us in different purposes, but undeniably, it has become a part of our daily outfit. Even our ancestors had their own set of unique jewelry. No matter which society class we belong – we may have jewelries that are expensive or not, faux and genuine. It doesn’t matter, as long as it serves its true purpose.

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