Addicted to Puzzles

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There was once a time wherein I got so addicted to puzzles, any kind actually. Be it jigsaw, crosswords, numbers, cubes, Sudoku and many others. I’d bring the then current puzzle fave anywhere and I’ll do it to pass time while waiting for the teacher or my boyfriend. I can even finish several puzzle books in a week coz I was so crazy about it.

CrossWord Puzzles

Now, my boys are also into puzzle. I think, they got it from me, lol. My 5 year old can finish a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle under 5 minutes! My 13 year old can also finish a crossword in no time. I am amazed actually coz I wasn’t like that when I was a kid. I was more into dolls and guns, lol.

Puzzles are great for honing skills like eye-hand coordination, strategy, sequencing, patience and more. It’s also an educational game because your child will learn at their own pace and space.

Why don’t you try it sometimes, more so if you are impatient. You’ll soon learn to be patient and it can also relieve stress.

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6 thoughts on “Addicted to Puzzles

  1. I get a daily newspaper for the crossword puzzles. A few years ago after having surgery I was laid up for a while and that’s how I spent my time.

  2. My mom is a puzzle addict! She has them all over her house! I think it’s great your boys are doing these crosswords. It is fantastic for their vocabulary skills.

  3. I have loved Sudoku, but have given up puzzles for my new addiction: Pinterest. Of course it’s not just the site, but the recipes & D.I.Y. projects that has caught my interest. The social site has actually changed my life. I am obsessed with going natural, from laundry detergent to beauty products and organic eating, and I think my family is better off because of it.

  4. my mom and i used to do puzzles together at each others homes…her eyesight is failing and its the one thing that bothers her the most, not being able to do puzzles. but now i do them with my children.

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