All Eyes on You: Experience All-Out Security with the CHERRY HOME SMART FLEXI CAMERA

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While it is a must to remain vigilant when outside, bear in mind that indoor security is just as necessary. If you’re looking for a reliable and budget-friendly smart security camera, search no further as the Cherry Home Smart Flexi Camera may just be your best bet. 

This tiny security device is packed with attractive features such as smart human-motion detection. If productivity is usually hampered just to get your eyes glued on your screen for close monitoring, let out that sigh of relief as there may be nothing as keen as you as this device’s motion sensors.


Once human activities are detected, you will automatically be prompted on your smartphone through the Cherry Home application. It also has two-way audio so not only can you hear audible sounds while watching playback but it even allows you to communicate with anyone at home in real-time. Highlighting a 1080P Full HD Camera, you can see vivid and accurate videos, a feature that is highly beneficial both for actual monitoring and replay for future use. 

Enjoy these features and more when you get the Cherry Home Smart Flexi Cam for P1,499 at:

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