Anion Sanitary Napkins

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I have been wondering for the longest time why some women are using  Anion Sanitary Napkin when they can use the regular sanitary napkins I see in the supermarkets. So, I spent some time researching and been reading up on some articles that proved to be worthy of my time.

I am not a regular woman and I’m interested with these kind of “breakthroughs”, if I may call them that. If these sanitary napkins can do wonders for some, then it may just do the same for me. So for all you women out there, please read on and see why Anion Sanitary Napkins are selling like hotcakes in the market today.

First, let me introduce you to the makers of Anion.

Winalite International is a company specializing in the production, research and development as well as marketing of sanitary napkin products. Its production as well as research and development capabilities are among the best in the industry at the national and international levels. It has a research and development team comprising scores of experts and scholars, a standard manufacturing plant with a total floor area of 100,000 square meters, over 60 sets of fully automated sanitary napkin and raw material manufacturing machines of international standard and an annual output of more than 3 billion pieces of napkin to provide strong assurance for its product quality. The company’s main product series of Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkins has spearheaded the innovation of the sanitary manufacturing industry from the provision of  ‘protection’ to the focus on ‘health care’ . For more info click here.

Next, the products and their prices:

Anion Sanitary NapkinsPhoto: SGPerfumes

Anion Sanitary NapkinsPhoto: SGPerfumes

Now, what set Anion sanitary napkins different from the regular ones?

  • Most if not all sanitary napkins are made from paper that were recycled and bleached.
  • Some sanitary napkins users are complaining of rashes, inflammation and even Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
  • Some women are prone to a lot of Bacterial / Vaginal infections during their Menstrual Period

Watch this video:


1. First Layer

Premium soft cotton surface, double absorbency

2. Second Layer

Exclusive patented “Negative Ion Chip” or “Anion Chip”

3. Third Layer

Sterilized and dirt free paper

4. Fourth Layer

Plant extract as premium water absorbents with strong liquid retention

5. Fifth Layer

Sterilized and dirt free paper

6. Sixth Layer

Breathable bottom layer that allow free-flow of air

7. Seventh Layer

Easy to peel off, fold lines adhesive design (food grade gum)

So, what do you think? Is Anion Sanitary Napkins worth trying on? Well, if you’re a health buff like me, I’d definitely get one and see for myself.

You can read a lot more and watch some other videos about Anion by clicking HERE.

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8 thoughts on “Anion Sanitary Napkins

  1. hi…nice post! i’ve used anion day pad and pantiliner last 2009 but when i went back here in penh, i stopped. i wish its available here too. 🙂 visiting you thru The Bloggers Exchange program! Happy Thursday.

  2. Gud day po, ask ko lang how to avail your product..i’ve seen a lot on instagram (fcbiopads) pero mas ok ata yung product nyo (love moon) kindly reply po..interested kc ako bumili..thanks

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