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I’ve recently discovered a treasure,lol and I just wanna share it here. Along with the birth of my online store that I have been wishing to accomplish since the start of the year. Note that, for a start, this blog isn’t your typical e-store but I’m getting there, almost.

But first, lemme introduce you to Circles En Dots.

I had the opportunity to visit their shop in Alabang a few days ago. Thou it’s a bit small, it’s cute and the color and designs of the wall blended well with their items. The owner did a good job in making it look bigger and styled it after some posh boutiques in the mall.


I really like the designs of the tops they are selling and it perfectly fits all sizes. One of their best seller item is the denim shorts. You gotta see these shorts,lol. Can be worn in style and rugged. Made me wonder while I was there, if it will also look great on me,lol.


See that, look at those photos? I was there for like 30 minutes only, and within that short period, customers flocked in and bought. It really doesn’t matter whether your store is small or big, what’s important is your customers dig what you are selling!

I wanted to stay longer and interview the sales lady but she was too busy assisting the customers. And boy, she was great in handling all the queries regarding the prices and all plus she had her eye on the fitting room while talking, lol..

If you happen to pass by Alabang, their shop is in Alabang Town Center. While you’re there, why don’t you try fitting the shorts mentioned earlier 🙂 Thanks sis Rhobie for giving me the chance to take pictures 🙂

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