Annam Noodle Bar Now Open at Resorts World Manila!

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Saigon street food with a modern twist is what you can find and experience at Annam Noodle Bar! Even the chic interior, communal seating, the ambiance, evokes the nostalgic street setting in Vietnam. If you are in the South and craving for Vietnamese street food that is affordable and healthy, Annam has just opened their new outlet at the Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila! Annam debuted last July 2016 in Eastwood City, so if you’re in the North, you can check it out too.

Annam Noodle Bar Now Open at Resorts World Manila

What to expect at Annam Noodle Bar

Revamped menu and newly introduced dishes too! Check out their full menu below.

Annam Noodle Bar Main a la carte menu
Annam Noodle Bar Main a la carte menu.
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To give you a sample of their dishes, here’s what we had during the launch event last February 28th.

Selection of Viet street snacks, nước chấm
Annam’s wide variety of delicious small plate dishes is perfect as appetisers to start the meal or as sides to share with friends and family. New on the menu are the refreshing Pomelo Salad with Prawns, Chicken and Assorted Crackers; the moreish Crispy Chicken Bites with Sriracha Mayonnaise; and Bánh Bao Buns – steamed buns stuffed with caramelised pork belly, egg, cucumber and scallion. The ever-popular Caramelised Crispy Chicken Wings return with a new and improved recipe for a more irresistible taste.

Annam Noodle Bar Viet street snacks
Annam Noodle Bar Viet street snacks, Php280

New Rice Dishes, inspired by the traditional Vietnamese “broken rice”.

Annam Noodle Bar Fragrant Rice Toppings
Annam Noodle Bar Fragrant Rice Toppings

Top – Crispy Fried Porkchop with steamed egg and meatloaf, Php340. Bottom left – Twice cooked Australian beef brisket with imperial roll, Php390. Bottom right – Crispy fried turmeric chicken, steamed egg meatloaf, Php340.

In addition, Annam has introduced a unique Vietnamese classic, the Shaking Beef in Pepper Hoisin Sauce, or bò lúc lắc. Its tongue-in-cheek name is derived from the way the wok is “shaken” to sear the meat. The dish is served with thick cut fries – due to its influences from the French colonial period.

I don’t usually eat rice when I’m in an event, but these 3 Vietnamese fragrant rice meals I had to try. They mixed Filipino and Vietnamese ingredients and flavours, something I can eat that’s not too spicy.

Banh mi

Toasted baguettes stuffed with savoury meats, chicken pate, mayonnaise, hot chilli peppers, pickled carrots, daikon, cucumber and fresh cilantro.

Annam has created three new exciting flavours – Twice Cooked Australian Beef Brisket; Crispy Fried Turmeric Chicken; and Smoked Salmon with Tofu and Cream Cheese – all topped with traditional Vietnamese pickles, chicken pate, and fresh herbs. Annam’s bánh mì is perfect for breakfast, especially when paired with the signature Vietnamese coffee made from Premium robusta coffee beans.

Annam Noodle Bar Crispy fried turmeric chicken
Annam Noodle Bar Crispy Fried Turmeric Chicken Php230

Viet Desserts

I especially enjoyed the jackfruit roll dipped in the coco. Not too sweet, and compliments well with the dip. Not a fan of the other two, so gave it to my friends hahaha.

Annam Noodle Bar Trio of crispy netted rolls (jackfruit, sweet potato, cassava), coconut sauce
Annam Noodle Bar Trio of crispy netted rolls (jackfruit, sweet potato, cassava), coconut sauce, Php200

Viet Beverages

A different take on iced-teas and beverages! I ordered the Mango-Pineapple Sparkling, Php150, a perfect thirst-quencher with my entire meal!

Annam Noodle Bar Vietnamese Beverages

Other drinks available are Lychee-pandan iced tea – Php170, Lemongrass-ginger iced tea – Php150, Passion fruit-soursop sparkling – Php160, and the one I really looked forward to after a heavy meal is the Salted caramel-banana iced coffee – Php150.

They also have Dining Deals on Weekdays! To check it out, just go to their websites at and follow Annam on Instagram – @annamnoodlebar

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