Back to basics: Family Resolutions to Keep This 2022

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What makes the New Year so special, more than anything, is hope. It’s the promise of a new beginning; a signifier that we are given another chance; that we can still better ourselves and our families.

When it comes to resolutions, many tend to go overboard and list things that are difficult to sustain. No need to fret. It is never too late to redo yours, and to come up with simpler yet fundamental intentions.

Quality time as a love language

It’s no secret that technology is a parent’s best friend, especially when it comes to keeping the kids preoccupied while you’re trying to be productive. While there is nothing wrong with it, it’s still of utmost importance to unplug your devices every now and then and really connect with them on a regular basis.

You can’t underestimate the importance of devoting undivided attention to your children. Sharing meals, watching movies, or even having game nights are non-grandiose yet very meaningful ways to show you love them.

You can also include them in your exercise routine. Perhaps take them for an afternoon jog, or teach them how to swim close by. These and more doubles as bonding time for the family — allowing you to stay fit and active while creating the most priceless of memories.

Family, friends, and fresh air

Being cooped up indoors all the time can not only take a toll on your kids’ development but on your own mental and emotional health as well. So whenever possible and when you think it’s safe, it won’t hurt to take your kids to see other people and to experience other sceneries. 

Mask up, and you can take your kids for morning or afternoon walks at the park, or tell them all about your glory days, alfresco style, in the gardens of your community. Give them some childhood memories they can fondly look back to when they grow up.

Instilling responsibility with household chores

It’s never too early to teach kids the importance of being responsible, and one way to do that is to allow them to take part in household chores. Not only does it improve their motor-eye coordination skills, but it also lays out a foundation for them in terms of managing a home and managing themselves in general.

You can start by selecting a specific room for them to clean and maintain. It can be their bedroom or designated play area.

Family-centric living spaces 

SM Development Corporation (SMDC) understands parenting is definitely no easy feat, but residing in a community designed specifically for raising families can, without a doubt, be of great help to you.

It’s Spring Residences in Bicutan, Parañaque City that has suites uniquely created for all of your family’s needs. The community features several mid-rise towers and boasts of two efficiently laid-out bedroom units, as well as spacious living areas which you can design and modify however you please.

It also comes with luxurious amenities that you and your children can enjoy. Take vigorous laps in the adult-size pool after a long day of work, while the kids frolic in the kiddie pool. Fun and safety is guaranteed, with a play area they can run around and make friends in. The community also has 24-hour security to assure you have safe spaces to share with your family.

Strategically situated beside SM City Bicutan, Spring Residences also provides quick-and-easy access to restaurants, shopping, and more. With its close proximity to the Skyway and the future Metro Manila Subway station in Paranaque, you are granted the convenience of being close to the airport and major business districts. 

Moving into Spring Residences will surely make a fulfilling year for you, with all your family’s new year’s resolutions ticked off line-by-line. SMDC offers friendly payment terms on top of its affordable ready-for-occupancy (RFO) units you and your family can immediately start a life in.

Regardless of what your family goals are this 2022, remember that the most important step is to start. Give rise to a new beginning at Spring Residences.

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