Black Friday Musings

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Warning! This post might turn into a bit of a rant,lol.

I just feel that it is so unfair that only people in America get to take advantage of the left and right deals they can avail during Black Friday. Not familiar with Black Friday? Good for you, coz that might just save you from heartaches.

Black Friday Sale

Seriously now. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. Retailers offer many promotional sales as a kick-off to the shopping season and in time for Christmas. It used to last until the weekend but that practice has been abolished, as retailers sort of want to promote urgency thus thousands of sales and profits in just a day. Promos and discounts differ depending on the original amount, but for sure, each is worth your money. Otherwise, people will not scramble to the stores just to get ahead of others. Imagine, falling in long lines just to be the first few ones to enter as soon as the doors open.

If I only live in the US, I would probably be saving whatever I can keep so that when Black Friday comes, I’d be prepared for the huge bills, lol.. I’d most especially buy bags, shoes, clothes and gadgets. The branded ones will surely be on sale too! Yes, you guess it right πŸ™‚ I have a shopaholic tendency that is why, I try to stay away from online stores as much as I can. Though sometimes, online shops are your last choice for emergencies like when we needed a brand new AVR-5308CI Receiver.

Unfortunately, I don’t live in the United States but my eldest sister and her family is just in California. I guess, I could ask her to include my list when she shops. Though that would mean a long wait because of the shipping, it doesn’t matter, lol.

My question now is – Why can’t we have something similar like that here in this country? Or there might be one and I am not aware of it, lol.Β  I wish someone somewhere in this country will think about it and starts the concept here. I’m pretty sure that it will click.

For now, I’d start making my long list and I do hope my wish will be granted πŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Black Friday Musings

  1. Where do you live? Can you shop on line? I just avoid the whole black Friday thing. I can’t stand the herd mentality of it all.

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